Websider Prognosticator Panel - Sam Houston

Aggie Websider's own David Sandhop took the early lead in week one of the Websider Prognostication Panel. Here's how picks shape up for week two.


Texas A&M – 66
Sam Houston - 20

Last week clearly showed there is work to be done on defense. Suspensions, new faces, keeping our vanilla flavor prior to Bama, there are many reasons to expect a similar effort this week. While we will likely torch the SHSU defense and roll up some points, I think they stick to their offensive game plan for some good practice. Some help has arrived, but still need some more people to step up, remember how to lock up and tackle, and play disciplined ball.


Texas A&M - 63
Sam Houston - 17

We obliterate them. We DESTROY them. They end up in the fetal position sucking what's left of their thumb and whimpering to their momma and the long lost comforts of home. I believe this will actually be a bit emotional for us instead of looking ahead to Bama and I hope nobody gets tossed - or worse - to hurt us for Bama. These guys are dirty, crap talkin SOB's. Our team remembers last year AND our D is embarrassed from the Rice game. This will be an unholy ass whippin of Biblical proportions and the score will not even reflect the true decimation of the bottom feeders....


Texas A&M - 66
Sam Houston - 35

A&M's defense continues to struggle amidst suspensions while the Aggie offense hits full stride during the course of the contest. Halftime is a bit too close for comfort at 31-21. But the return of the defensive starters and the offense clicking helps A&M run away with it in the 2nd half.


Texas A&M - 58
Sam Houston - 17

The CubKittens are outmatched again this year, though they will get some yards and points thanks to the continuing suspensions of some defensive starters. Johnny Football starts fast and scores early and often in the first half. He plays most of the third quarter before Matt Joeckel comes in to clean up. On Monday, Mark May begins to rant on how Johnny was pulled from yet another game and Paul Finebaum thinks that Johnny should be declared ineligible against Alabama.


Texas A&M - 59
Sam Houston - 27

Ags with another tune up game before meeting Bama. It's a good situation as more adjustments can be made, especially with the D, with real playing time. With Bama having an off week I think the staff will use this game to get a bit more flexibility regarding offensive production while showing just enough to keep Saban perplexed as hell on Sunday reviewing film. On the defensive side things will still be a bit compromised due to suspensions but Snyder will have yet another game to tweak schemes. Sam to our benefit will notch up the speed factor compared to Rice and will be a worthy test for the defensive unit. Passing should be with ease but Sumlin and Co. will likely test all aspects of the offense. The D will likely bend a bit and blow a few assignments but overall should keep the Kats subdued. The main thing about this contest is the injury factor. Sam will likely play dirty as hell again, Ags are going to have to watch out close for this aspect of the game. Final score: Ags 59, Bearkats 27.


Texas A&M - 56
Sam Houston - 13

If you look at the stats of SHSU vs HBU game last week, the following occurred: HBU won time of possession. SHSU put up a ton of points. HBU was stopped 13 out of 16 times on 3rd down. SHSU does not stop our offense on third down, nobody can. Our defense struggles in the first half and allows SHSU to get some points. However there is no stopping Johnny and company. Kenny Hill will be doing mop up duty. Sumlin needs to see Hill prior to the Bama game in case Johnny goes down.


Texas A&M - 63
Sam Houston - 20

I predict the Aggies have their way with the Bearkats this week. I expect the defense to be much improved with the return of some critical starters but they will give up some scores late. Johnny throws for 400+ yards, runs for 75+, and has 5-6 overall touchdowns.


Texas A&M - 62
Sam Houston - 17

Sam Houston has some offensive talent and will score a few times, but the Bearkats are breaking in an entirely new secondary which isn't a good match-up against Kevin Sumlin's pass-happy offense. I think the defense will stabilize with the return of Kirby Ennis in the middle. Brandon Williams will make his Texas A&M debut and you know he'll be energized and ready to rip off a couple of big runs. There's just too much fire power across the board on offense for Sam Houston's defense to hang with Johnny and the boys and the defense will continue to improve.

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