Websider Prognosticator Panel - Alabama

It's a big week in College Station as Nick Saban, AJ McCarren, and the ESPN Game Day crew invade Aggieland for an epic match-up between the Tide and the Aggies. The panel is prepared for the battle and offer up their predictions for the Game of the Century.


Texas A&M – 37
Alabama - 31

It's been 10 months since the coming out party. Ten months of ulcer festering for Nicky. Ten months of denial for bammer, perpetuating all the lame excuses about the LSU game. Ten long, long months of obsessing about Johnny One Hit Wonder. They ain't seen nothing yet. I think Snyder will have our Defense gelling enough to stop several key drives giving the offense time to work changing the tide. I think you see panic set in a little quicker this time and that will make McCarron force the ball again. Sure, there will be some big play action scores and a huge run by Yeldon, but Sumlin also had this date circled. Yes friends, he gets to scheme too and scheme he does. I hope FineBum's bald head explodes trying to think of new excuses.


Texas A&M - 41
Alabama - 24

Bama plays tight in the 1st half and plays contain with the DL. We shred them with swing passes and the deep ball. D plays well but allows a few big plays. Halftime score sits at 24-17.

In the 2nd half, the Bama D backs off to slow the deep ball. Johnny throws one INT drawing worry from the Ags. Meanwhile, the Aggie DL gets a better push inside and shuts down the Bama run game and getting pressure on McCarron creating turnovers (1 INT, 2 fumbles). The rest of the game is all Ags as we take advantage of the short fields shredding the Bama D with our medley of RBs and Manziel's scrambling.

Ags finish with over 500 yards of offense (350 passing, 200 rushing) while holding to Bama to just over 300 total yards.


Texas A&M - 58
Alabama - 17

On Sept 14, 2011 Texas A&M was preparing for its game against Idaho after having informed the Big 12 it was leaving the conference for greener and more difficult pastures. At that time, I doubt a single Aggie believes that two short years later, Texas A&M would be playing a home game with a Heisman winning QB against the #1 team in the country with the winner having the side track to win not only the best conference in the country, but to play for the BCS National Championship. Yet here we are, playing in THE MOST HYPED GAME of the year, if not the last 10 years, with both teams having serious question marks and no one really knowing what to expect, but here is my guess:

A&M's defense plays well getting the suspended players back but makes some mistakes allowing the tide to score in the first half. Johnny is Johnny and Bama tries to keep him pinned in the pocket, but with his improved passing and the running backs moving the ball well, the Ags march down the field and score. The game goes back and forth into the 3rd quarter, but a 2:30 start in the Texas heat gets to the Bama players in the 2nd half and they start making mistakes. A&M gets up by 2 touchdown in the fourth quarter and Bama starts to make another comeback scoring in the final 3 minutes, but A&M's offense makes enough first downs to secure the win and knock off the Tide once again.


Texas A&M - 38
Alabama - 34

After a long off season and two tuneups, Ags finally meet the Tide. This game will come down on whether or not Bama can sustain time consuming drives. And of course turnovers as always will be a factor. But turnovers aside, if Snyder can get the D to hold Bama and stop Yeldon, and get some 3 and outs and punts, and put McCryin' on his ass a few times, this will be a good day, a great day, a spectacular day for Aggies everywhere. Because I have no real concern with the Aggie O. They should be able to score pretty much every series, and score fairly quickly. So if Snyder's boys can get some stops, and I believe he has a plan in place to do this, we win. *Final score:* *Ags 38, Tide 34.*


Texas A&M - 41
Alabama - 29

The defense looks much better this week, good but not great. The offense does as it did last year and improves each week as did Johnny. We will see a couple of long passes from McCarron to Cooper for the score, but Snyder will adjust. I say 41-29 Ags. One of the Williams will be the leading rusher for A&M.


Texas A&M - 42
Alabama - 34

Pretty much the same story as last year. Ags get out to huge lead. Alabama is on the ropes. Johnny Football dominates, and Bama produces a valiant comeback that proves not enough. Different from last year, I see Johnny with a last minute touchdown to seal the victory.


Texas A&M - 30
Alabama - 27

I'm not going to say this game will be an old school slugfest, but I don't subscribe to the notion that Nick Saban will score quickly and often. Even if Alabama has success against A&M's defense, they will do it pragmatically by design. They want to keep Johnny Football on the sideline watching T.J. Yeldon grinding it out 5-6 yards at a time. I think Alabama will have success, but I also think pundits are under-estimating the Aggie defense. Yeah, the unit gets Steven Jenkins and Devante Harris…but the factor that will affect this game is Kyle Field and the 12th Man. Surprisingly, not many people are talking about the noise. Not that it will bother the Bama offense, but I think the crowd energizes the Aggie defense and the unit plays much better than they have so far this season. When is the last time an A&M defense played a clunker in a big game on Kyle Field? I rest my case. Whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game, and that will be the Aggies.

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