Websider Prognosticator Panel - SMU

The prognosticator panel took a hit last weekend as the predictors were heavily on the Aggies. The Ponies arrive in College Station and it appears the boys are loading up on the Aggies again, but I have a feeling they will be right this week.


Texas A&M – 66
SMU - 27

Fact: we know the offense will do whatever they want, as long as they want. Unknown: will there be any progress on D with either another game under their belt or with some more tinkering by Snyder and crew looking for the right combos? Even though it is 35 year old Garrett Gilbert, he still is in an offense that can dink and dunk quickly. Do we blow up their line? Do we gamble on coverage? This can be anything from a near shutout to some pretty high point totals. I'm going in the high middle. Show me progress first before I start believing we have to outscore everyone.


Texas A&M - 77
SMU - 14

JFF and Evans own the ponies with record breaking performances looking to make a statement. Malena pummels a few defenders darting to the best game of his career. The OL destroys the SMUp's front 7. The D stiffens up and creates some turnovers. Sanders makes Gilbert the recipient of our pain. We do give up a few big plays (one early, one late), but Snyder and the D never let up with their relentless attack of the "Pony Depress".


Texas A&M - 62
SMU - 17

This is going to be short and sweet. A&M will score… a lot. It's going to be a lopsided win of epic proportions. The only thing that will slow down the scoring is if the weather gets ugly.


Texas A&M - 56
SMU - 24

Ags get another tune up game before reentering SEC play. I expect the offense to decimate the ponies with point production only limited by how long Sumlin keeps the 1st string in. On the D side, there will be improvement but SMU will likely move the ball a bit with their passing game. But not much. Final score: Ags 56, SMU 24.


Texas A&M - 63
SMU - 17

Garret Gilbert will show a little flash in June Jones offense against our defense in the first quarter. But that's it. Turn out the lights at the end of the first. Ags win 63-17.


Texas A&M - 65
SMU - 14

The defense takes a huge step forward this week, maturing leaps and bounds in just a week. Garrett Gilbert throws two interceptions and the Wrecking Crew forces a fumble. 650 yards and one turnover for the Aggie offense in a huge victory at Kyle Field.


Texas A&M - 58
SMU - 23

After the defense was exposed against Alabama, the staff plans to make some changes in personnel. There may be some marginal improvement, but a couple of personnel changes won't completely cure the ills of the defense in one day. It will take several weeks to work out the kinks and get the more athletic freshmen some experience. But SMU is outmanned on defense. Margus Hunt is in Cincy working on an NFL title and the Mustangs have no answer for Johnny and the overall talent on the offensive side of the ball. Aggies should roll, but will still have a few issues on defense going up against June Jones and Hal Mumme.

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