Hop's Quick Game Thoughts - Arkansas

The Texas Aggie football team extended its true road game winning streak to 7-0 under Kevin Sumlin with a 45-33 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop gives his initial quick thoughts on the game atmosphere and the action on the field.

First, a few comments on the game atmosphere and stadium before I get into the game. Arkansas actually has a parking and transportation system that is very fan friendly and doesn't nickel and dime you. In fact, there are large free public parking areas. We parked for free at the base ball stadium. Then they have an extensive free bus shuttle service for all fans that picks you up at the lots and deposits you at the stadium. We also went to a tailgate party at the Hog Wild RV Park area that costs Razorback fans a mere $25 a weekend. The shuttle bus damn near picked us up at the party inside the RV park and took us to the game. It was very fan friendly and I didn't have to reach for my wallet.

The stadium was a bit disappointing. If you thought you were squeezed for space at Kyle Field, it was nothing compared to the sardine can we were packed into at Reynolds Stadium. The worst was the leg run, or lack thereof. The aisles were non-existent. I was a little disappointed in the game atmosphere at the stadium. The crowd didn't get loud much...except when they sacked Johnny and that got the crowd going more than anything else. The fans weren't that bad at all.

As far as the game, I liked the fact that the Aggies never trailed in this game. I read somewhere that Arkansas got the ball on three different occasions down by less than a score with the opportunity to take the lead, and as much as the defense was struggling they forced two punts and a the pick six by Everett.

I also learned that A&M's dynamic passing game is affected too much when Mike Evans is out or hindered by injury. You don't realize how important he is until he's not 100%. I also learned that we have an incredible offensive line and quality, diversified running game. When Evans went down, the drizzle got heavy, and the defense gassed, McKinney went grind-it-out and shoved it down the Hogs' throats which sealed the game.

The defense...I'll get more into some of the issues when I get back late tonight, but I agree with most that we have some major issues. We sold out to stop the run, and we still couldn't stop the run. If Arkansas had even an average passer, the game may have had a different result. Just as with Alabama, Arkansas play-actioned into several home run opportunities where they had man-to-man coverage with a safety as Snyder was selling out to stop the run. That's not a bad strategy if you actually stop the run. In fact, Slocum's defenses were successful selling out to the run and blitzing the QB, and leaving guys like Mickens, Glenn, Greer, Smith, etc. on an island.

But this defense still didn't stop the run and not ONCE stressed QB Allen with the rush, much less actually sack the QB. And in the end, with all of the issues at LB and DL stopping the run, the biggest concern is the absolute lack of pass rush. If you don't put ANY pressure on a QB in this era of college football, it will bite you.

Compound that with what appeared to be significant injuries to Kirby Ennis and Darian Claiborne.

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