Websider Prognosticator Panel - Ole Miss

It was a much-needed bye week for the panel after a rocky performance against the spread versus Arkansas. But the panel is rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the season with some very strong picks.


Texas A&M – 48
Ole Miss - 31

Oxford, version II. Reduce the turnovers and make sure Mr. Evans doesn't HAVE to make the game saving catch. Give him plenty of football, early and often. Make Bo Wallace do what Bo Wallace does best, turn over the football. Another pick 6 by the Defense, a few stops sprinkled in, put this on ice before the middle of the third quarter and get the hell outta Mississippi. Coach Snyder, you might want to make sure that someone is always tackling that Scott dude on every play. Hit him and hit him again.


Texas A&M - 100
Ole Miss - 0

Bluecouchstudios is MIA this weekend. He must be face down in a plate of BBQ Chicken spaghetti on Beale Street after drinking too much Natty Light. We'll add the last place point total to his season's score and hope he makes it back alive to Texas to do battle with the panel next week against Auburn.


Texas A&M - 45
Ole Miss - 31

"We have better receivers. We can score on anyone". The Ole Miss QB's statement was proven false last week and Bama crushed the Rebels with a shutout. Unfortunately, the Aggie defense knows that anyone can score on them. First to 40 wins the game.


Texas A&M - 45
Ole Miss - 31

After a week's lull in competition, the Ags travel back to Oxford to face the PC Black Bears of Ole Miss. The final score will come down to two factors - 1) turnovers, and 2) Ag defensive improvement or lack thereof. Of course Factor 1 can't be surmised but I would wager that good guys don't give away the ball as much as last year and I am thinking we get a couple or three our way from Ole Miss. Factor 2 is actually the bigger question - Ennis out doesn't help but I believe there will be some improvement in the D overall, not much but some. Ole Miss will be ready to play as they are back home after a nasty road stint. They will put points on the board but not near enough to keep up with the TAMU offense. blitzkrieg. Final score: Ags 45, Ole Miss 31.


Texas A&M - 38
Ole Miss - 24

I think we see the defense has improved their game. We see Tony Hurd make a statement. It is a closer game than we like however we will always be in control. Ags win 38-24.


Texas A&M - 45
Ole Miss - 28

I'm a bit scared of this game. I would love to see the Aggies finally put together a full gem but I think it will be sloppy to the end for both squads. A&M pulls away in the 4th for another road win.


Texas A&M - 51
Ole Miss - 34

I've come to the conclusion that unless a defense has two book-end defensive ends that can meet simultaneously within 1.5 seconds at Johnny Manziel, he can't be defended. Add in the fact that the Aggies still have one of the top OL's in the nation and a 225-pound power back that can pound on Ole Miss' young, undersized defensive front and I see a lot of points put up by Texas A&M. Since the Aggies coughed up the ball six times last year, you can rest assured that Sumlin and the staff have reinforced ball security this week. The defense will give up yards and a few points, but they have been opportunistic when it counted and the same thing will happen Saturday night in Oxford.

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