Spring Scrimmage Report - Day 1

THe Texas Aggie football team hit the grass practice fields for the first day of spring practice. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop was there and files this report with details on the new offensive line and newcomers Speedy Noil and Zaycoven Henderson.

The newcomer that physically impressed me the most?

Trick question. When I walked up to the fields, I saw from the backside Larry Jackson talking to a physically mature stud looking man. My first reaction was that a former Aggie in the NFL was shooting the bull with him. As I walked by, that "man" was Myles Garrett. Holy Moses!

OK, which newcomers on the field impressed me the most?

Hands down it was Speedy Noil. There are a few rare athletes that have a special air or swagger about them. You see it in their movements and you see it when they perform effortlessly. Speedy has that "it" factor. You will see on one photo I'm uploading where Speedy has reached up with one hand and caught it with his palm while running and looking downfield...and he did it as calmly as if he was getting a drink of water. In the photo, it looks like he's tossing the ball back but no that was him catching it with his palm at three-quarters speed.

Zaycoven Henderson is just so thick in the lower body and he's athletic. I haven't seen a butt on a DL like that in an Aggie uniform in over a decade. Kyle Allen looked as good as advertised physically. He's definitely 6-foot-3 with a nice, muscular build and a technically sound delivery that results in a smooth spiral on every throw.

Avery Gennessy seems to be put together and more athletic at first pass than Jermaine Eluemunor. He's probably slightly under 6-foot-5 with average arm length. Built like a guard, but he moves like a tackle. Very good footwork and looks capable...and he was running first team right tackle. Eluemunor looked a tad rolly-polly and soft, but I've seen much worse at OL. He was running second team right tackle.

Surprises with the OL rotation on day one

I don't want to make a big deal about the rotation on day one, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Thee were some surprises. Both Joseph Cheek and Jeremiah Stuckey were moved to second team guard positions (Cheek - right guard, Stuckey - left guard).

1st unit

Ogbuehi, Gramling, Matthews, Ifedi, Gennessy

2nd unit

Linblade, Stuckey, Compton, Cheek, Eluemunor

Veterans That Looked Good

Ricky Seals-Jones was working out in drills with no limitations and looked good. He was rock solid, but it looked like he kept the bulk off. He looked like an outside receiver to me. Jaquay Williams looked more explosive and was more energetic than in practices last August. Julien Obioha looked in good shape as did Tavares Garner who looked quick in foot drills. Trey Williams looks bigger and well put togeher. He zipped through the RB footwork drills. Tra Carson had surprisingly quick feet for a big man. I see those two having big years if they stay healthy. Reggie Chevis was especially upbeat and vocal today pumping up his teammates and bouncing around. I'm not sure that means he's a better player, but it shows he's excited about practice with a higher than normal energy level. That can't hurt. All of the veteran DL's and OL's looked in better shape than last year at this time. Usually at this early stage of spring, you see 3-4 players out of shape. I saw none today which is a first.

OK, I'll open it up to questions, but be aware that this was day one. There was no 11-on-11 live action so today was more about the eyeball test and judging players physically.

Oh, Kyler Murray was there and I stood next to him. I'd say he's 5-foot-10, 175 lbs. He's not 6-foot and that is confirmed. YOu could talk me into 5-foot-10.5 but no more. Trevor Elbert and Conner Lanfear were there. Lanfear is a big kid. Both he and Elbert were hanging out together having a good time watching the OL. I'm guessing Lanfear could be an A&M commit as we speak.

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