Websider Spring Practice Report - Day 10

The Texas Aggie football team returned to the indoor practice facility for day 10 of spring practice. The team worked out in shorts, but managed to conduct two live 11-on-11 sessions during the open media portion of practice. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop was there and files this report.

The team was in shorts and worked out inside the bubble on Wednesday. Most of the media session was consumed with field goal work and special teams blocking drills. The QB's were doing some drill work at the passing net. At one point, Spavital held an informal competition where the QB's would be facing away from the passing net and then he would call out which of the three targets to hit and the QB would turn around and fire for the appropriate target. The two walk-ons and Joeckel missed in short order, but Hill and Allen kept going and going. I bet they hit the target 4-5 times straight before Spavital called it a draw....very impressive.

In 11-on-11's, Matt Joeckel again played with the 1's and they ran the ball to Carson a couple of times and then Joeckel was hurried and threw the ball away which led to a long FG attempt (that Lampo missed). Bertolet made his long attempt with the 2's. But that leads me to say that Lampo hasn't been as sharp as he was last season and his leg is definitely weaker than Bertolet's. The FG kicking could be a competitive situation in the fall and worth watching.

Kyle Allen again worked with the 2's and again I thought he was productive hitting Tabuyo with a quick slant and Ed Pope for a quick hitter. He took a shot on a 30-yard fade route to the end zone for Quiv Gonzalez. It was dead on the money and Quiv had a step but he dropped it...beautiful ball. His last pass was a long throw in the seam and he overshot the receiver for his only misfire. Bertolet finished the 11's with a nice, long kick right down the middle.

Justin Manning, Zaycoven Henderson, and Julien Obioha were not working in the 11's, so that left only three scholarship DL's on the field. The entire second unit were walk-ons.

Ricky Seals-Jones wasn't participating in 11's. Other than Kyrion Parker who has missed a couple of weeks, the rest of the WR's were out there. Josh Reynolds took over the No. 1 outside receiver spot for the first time. No major changes in the OL rotation. Floyd Raven was back in action and on the 1st unit with Matthews. Trey Williams was back in action on the kickoff return drills.

Here's the rotation in today's 11-on-11 live sessions.

1st Unit - Offense

RT - Ifedi
RG - Cheek
C - Matthews
LG - Gramling
LT - Ogbuehi

TE - Clear
WR - Reynolds
WR - Noil
WR - Kennedy
WR - Holmes

Rotated out TE for WR during series

QB - Matt Joeckel
RB - Tra Carson

2nd Unit Offense

RT - Gennessy
RG - Eluemunor
C - Compton
LG - Stuckey
LT - Linblade

WR - Williams
WR - Pope
WR - Gonzalez
WR - Tabuyo

QB - Allen
RB - White

1st Unit Defense

DE - Taylor
DT - Walker
DT - Williams
DE - Schorp

LB - Bass
LB - Mastrogiovanni
LB - Washington

Rotated in Washington for Walker during series

CB - Harris
CB - Everett
CB - Ellis
S - Matthews
S - Raven

2nd Unit Defense

DE - Walk-on
DT - Walk-on
DE - Walk-on

LB - Chevis
LB - Hilliard
LB - Baggs

CB - Garner
CB - Davis
CB - Sezer
S - Honeycutt
S - Burns

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