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Alabama Post Game: Kevin Sumlin

The Texas A&M Aggies lost a hard fought game in Tuscaloosa to Alabama Saturday. Afterwards, head coach Kevin Sumlin met with the media to discuss the game and the future for the Aggies.

The Texas A&M Aggies lost a hard fought battle on Saturday to the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. The Aggies and Tide stayed locked in a close battle through half time and Sumlin said he felt the game came down to about 5:00 minutes of game time.

"You really had five minutes in the game that really determined what happened," Sumlin said immediately following Satuday's loss. "We extended the drive with the roughing the passer and then we extended the drive again I think with an off-sides penalty. Then you back that up with a fumble return for a touchdown. In a game like this against a team like that, that can't happen."

That theme for Sumlin continued into the next question where he again pointed out that the Aggies were right there with the Tide and simply were the first team to make a mistake.

"In a tight ballgame against a team like that, that is an elite team, you can't flinch..and we did," he said. "That stretch of five minutes really dictated who won the game. And give them credit, because they made the plays. The scoop and score, even though the ball hits us in the hands and we just drop it. Then we extended their drive with a couple of penalties. That whole series of events changed the game."

The Aggies get to see the pendulum swing the other direction this week as they head home to face off with the New Mexico State and should have an opportunity to get players healthy and ready for the last part of the SEC schedule.


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