Shae Reagan And More-Part 2

<b>Shae Reagan</b> will make his last official visit this weekend to Lubbock (1/16) as he's already checked out Oklahoma State (12/6), Texas A&M (12/12) and TCU (1/9). As promised, our part-2 update on the Idalou jumbo athete.

"I enjoyed my visit TCU," Shae Reagan said. "I guess the thing that stood out the most about it was being hosted by Tye Gunn and being treated to some really good food."

The Horned Frogs are the only team recruiting the 6-3, 230, 4.7-kid as a signal caller...

"They're pretty gung-ho about the fact that I could come in and play as a quarterback."

But it's not the projected position he's most concerned about, it's his desire to get onto the field as early as he can he values the most.

Meanwhile, the media has had fun with Shae (because he's such a nice person) and insist that this race is down to a two-team battle between Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Reagan, however, said "I've been hearing all of these rumors lately. I've been hearing that I'm going to commit to Tech before I even take my visit. I'm really looking at all four schools still and will know more after taking my last official."

That said, we have him down to four, but also believe that this is a two-team race (sorry Shae)...

So what's his thoughts on Texas Tech?

"They're close to home, would be nice for my family being that close," Reagan said. "I like their offense. It's real high-powered. And I could play quarterback, wide receiver or tight end there and get the chance to throw or catch a lot of balls in that offense. On D, I have a chance to play early because they need some help. So I have a lot of opportunities there."

Texas A&M...

"The thing I like about Texas A&M is they're kind of in the underdog role right now," he said. "And I have the opportunity to get onto the field early there too. And help them reach contender status and beyond. But they're going to be great. And I kind of like the idea of working as a team and being the underdog, but then surprising everyone."

So will he return home from Lubbock and think things over before making his college decision, or could he possibly commit this weekend if he sees what he's looking for in a school?

"It's so hard to make a decision when there's so many good things about the schools you're looking at, it's just so tough. And I know that everywhere you go, you're gonna get fired up. So you have to slow down and think about it. Coming back home and thinking about the visit to Tech along with all my other visits is what I'm gonna do and see if I can get closer to making a decision."

We also got the chance to check in on Shae's rehab, who is busting his tail and already running...

"It's going good, going real good. Couldn't tell you a definite recovery date, but just started on another three weeks of running the Wednesday of last week. So, that's good. But I just want to make sure everything is healed before I jump back onto the field. So, it might be a slow process back to full health, but I believe in the doctor and hope to be back as good as new., hopefully better than new.

We do too!

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