Travis Schneider Gives Coach Fran A Verbal

Bellville OT <b>Travis Schneider</b>, a 6-6.5, 260-pounder ended the suspense when he pulled the commitment trigger in favor of Texas A&M over Kansas and Louisiana Tech.

"The A&M coaches checked me out Wednesday and Coach Helduser said he was going to call me that night," Schneider explained. "But when I answered the phone, it was Coach Franchione."

Needless to say, the honorable mention all-state pick was very surprised and excited.

"He said they wanted to offer me a scholarship and a bunch of other stuff after that, but I didn't hear anything after that, it was all just a blur," he said with a chuckle.

"Anyway, I told him I wanted to talk it over with my parents and that I would get back with him in 15 minutes. And he told me, 'No rush.'

"So I sat down with my mom, dad and brother and called him back to tell him I was committing. It was easy, it was a no-brainer, it's where I always wanted to go and where a lot of my family has gone to school."

The Maroon and White saw something in this O-lineman they clearly could not pass up.

Perhaps, it was his 6-6/6-7 frame with the ability to move side-to-side well in addition to possessing straight-line quicks (5-flat forty). Adept at sliding his feet and cutting off angles, Schneider gave up only 2-3 sacks and 2 holding penalties in his varsity career. That obviously didn't hurt his stock. Maybe it was because he protected the quarterback's blindside while matching up against D-I DE talents (China Spring) Jeremiah Chapman and (Rockdale) Stryker Sulak and stoning them with regularity that led to an offer from his dream school.

Schneider estimates his offense was about a 65-35 pass-run ratio. And that pass-blocking is his "thang". While he came out of a two-point stance in obvious passing situations, the Tri-County OL of the Year mostly came out of a three-point stance. Again, another plus.

But what about run blocking?

Kid probably graded out at close to 85 percent.

Even more telling about his upside/athleticism, the 3A-standout did quite bit of pulling too...

Schneider was asked to reach the cornerback and execute that block on one of their bread-and- butter plays, a "wide pitch". With the 2-star prep showing excellent mobility, Bellville called that play often. Of course he was also pulled on sweeps from time-to-time and asked to pick up the linebacker, which he did very well also.

"The A&M coaches were telling me they really loved my feet," Schneider said.

Bet they did....

While the NFL is more about bulk, size and less speed, the college game is quite the opposite. That's why the 6-5/6-6 kids weighing 250-260 are being acquired by the major D-I schools now. Those guys used to be the perfect DE/TE prototypes. But not anymore. Development, technique, increasing muscle-weight and strength (without compromising speed) is the ticket with these specimens. So that they can handle the speed rushes coming from the 6-4, 220-pound 4.6/4.65 guys...

Strength: "I have a 270 bench, 430 squat, and 260/270 power clean."

If there's something he'll definitely want to improve, it's his strength. But a redshirt year will aid in that process.

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