Texas A&M Lands Sealy Punter Justin Brantly

We spoke with Sealy head coach <b>Mark Faldyn</b> about his punter <b>Jason Brantly</b>, who recently committed to Texas A&M.<p>

"Yes, he committed to Texas A&M," Faldyn confirming other reports said.

And the trend of offering special teams standout kickers/punters continues...

"Your punting game is a big part of your defense and I think that's why you're seeing punters earning offers now," Faldyn said. "I know we're a lot better off on defense when we have a good punting game."

The Sealy prep does not boast incredible distance, but he excels in directional kicking and gets good hang time.

"In the three years he's been here, he's stuck like 17 punts inside the 5. And, 22 inside the 10 -- that's incredible."

Coach said he'd take a punter who averages 39.4 yards a punt (Brantly's career average) or 41.1 yards a punt (Brantly's junior year average) with good hang time who can excel at pinning the opposition inside their 5, 10 or 20...

"If we're on our own 35, Brantly has enough leg to put the other team inside the 10."

Kid's also won acclaim at a couple of kicking competitions...

"He was selected as one of the 12 best kickers in the Chris Sailor national kicking competition to compete in Las Vegas May 15," said the Sealy head man. "The western part of the U.S. has the same thing for the eastern part of the country that they hold in Florida."

"Justin also attended Randy Rodger's Lone Star kicking challenge between his freshman and sophomore year," Faldyn continued, "Taking 2nd-place there. It's been his directional kicking and hang time that's allowed him to perform well in those contests."

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