Scouting Report: Trey Bryant

Below is a Texas Hot 100 Scouting Report on Richardson Berkner DT/C prospect <b>Trey Bryant</b> and signed off of on by network Big 12 recruiting analyst and Texas expert, Stacey Dean...<p>

Strengths: Really like his initial punch. And he's good at keeping lineman at bay with his arms. Knows how to shed blocks to get to runner. He also does a good job of finding the ball carrier in traffic. Has good lateral movement. Uses arms to grab and bring down runners while being blocked. Does not penetrate very often but could be the scheme he plays in. He does an excellent job of flowing to the action and either making or assisting on the tackle.

Areas To Improve: Looks kind of sluggish at times. Needs to work on staying low and driving through blockers. Working on strength is a must for most any high school player. Bryant was man handled a few times against double teams, but it was against very good competition, so nothing too alarming. He also needs to improve his speed off the snap, though, he's not slow. And would like to see him improve his physical conditioning.

Bottom Line: Bryant needs to improve on some things a bit more than others, but he's a solid prospect who should be highly recruited, despite standing only 6-1.5/6-2... Could also make one heckuva center prospect and Stacey Dean really likes him at that position as well, assuming he could learn the nuances of it. His film analysis shows a very heady and well-coached DT prospect, a major plus...

Star Ranking: Bryant is, at minimum, a 3-star prospect who should easily make our Big 12 Hot 100 regional team (top 66/67 players from Texas automatically qualify). Currently ranked No. 56 in the state, we think that's pretty close, but have not ruled out a move up in our future rankings. Re: He's capable of earning starting minutes and/or becoming a regular member of a D-line rotation within his first couple of seasons of D-1 ball, if he continues developing from a strength/quickness standpoint.

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