Pulls A&M Commitment Trigger

<b>Quincy Driver</b> pulled the commitment trigger, mking it official that he intends to join Texas A&M in 2005. The pass-catcher out of Houston Lamar told 12thFan he spoke with his mom, dad, brother and cousin <b>Donald Driver</b> about his intentions...

"They were all comfortable with my decision and told me, 'Go for it,'" Quincy Driver said.

Coach Franchione called Driver and congratulated him. He also reminded the kid to keep working hard and to stay on top of his schoolwork.

Quincy did not attend the M&W game over the weekend but told us he plans to take a visit soon.

Currently, the young man has been running routes and getting ready for spring ball that begins next week.

Does the Houston standout receiver have any words for Aggie fans?

Tell all the fans I'm looking forward to attending Texas A&M so I can show them what I can do...

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