Scouting Report: MartellusBennett

Alief Taylor TE <b>Martellus Bennett</b> has seen several official scholarship offers sent his way. And before it's all said and done, he may be able to name the school of his choice. We take a look at Bennett, who looks similar to former Florida tight end <b>Ben Troupe</b>, in the following scouting report.

Strengths: Size, size and more size. Bennett is a good 6-6/6-7 tight end who is carryin' at least 240-250 pounds on his frame. He's very good at both run/pass blocking. And could potentially be alethal weapon as a down field threat in the passing game. On film, you'll notice Bennett, in spite of his 6-6/6-7 frame, getting underneath the pads of defenders who may be 6-1/6-2 and driving them pretty much where he wants to take them. As a receiver, you'll see him catching the ball at the apex, which is always neat to see. He's also willing to throw his body around in order to make the circus grab and the tough catches in traffic.

Areas To Improve: At times, he lunges at his blocking assignment and would prefer to see him square that part of his game, but that's being picky. He almost always takes care of his assignment. As a pass-catching tight end, would like to see him improve his speed and route running, but I think he's still trying to get his feet underneath him a bit. Kid is so tall that asking him to run any faster at this stage is probably being too critical. Besides, he's probably a 4.8 guy who could improve that to 4.7-flat if he works on it.

Bottom Line: Bennett, who excels on both the gridiron and the hardwood, will have a tough decision to make. Because in all likelihood he can only be great at one. Don't tell him that, though, he wants to be great at both. Speaking of his abilities on the gridiron, this is a kid who could see playing time as a true freshman. Because whoever signs Bennett, they'll utilize his jumping ability in the red zone and his tremendous size in the intermediate passing game. And because he's an effective blocker, an offense wouldn't necessarily be tipping its hand when he's in the game either...

Star Ranking: Bennett is definitely a 4-star prospect. He will make a huge jump in our next set of rankings. Initially, we questioned his size/speed. And though he won't be accused of being a burner, kid isn't slow either. His best two attributes? His impressive size and go-up-and-get-it mentality in the passing game.

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