Meet McKinney Giant Lorenzo Jones & Company...

TheInsiders stopped by McKinney high school in McKinney, Texas to check out to visit with McKinney head coach <b>Todd McVey</b> and assistant coach <b>Will Hodges</b> and to check out a couple of their kids...

Lorenzo Jones, Texas Hot 100 No. 53, is a DL prospect we had our eyes on and for good reason. Standing close to 6-3.5/6-4, and tipping the scales at 293 pounds, he's very impressive from a prototype standpoint.

Last season, Jones tallied 74 total tackles (17 for negative yards), 5 sacks, 11 pressures and 3 forced fumbles.

Any batted balls?

"Lorenzo attacks the quarterback, he doesn't bat balls," Hodges scoffed.

On the practice field, I thought Jones recognized plays quickly and moved remarkably well. Sometimes, you see a DT get too deep and loop around in the backfield. Jones takes the shortest distance to the ball -- just takes really good angles.

Hodges, who has been at McKinney for over 20 years, said, "Lorenzo may be one of the most talented all-around players we have had here in years. And we've had some good ones."

Physically, Jones still has room to grow, especially upper body. Kid has long arms, the physique to carry another 15 pounds and an already well-developed lower body. With nice-sized calves and thighs, provideing good explosion off the ball, he's put together well.

Per the McKinney staff, Jones clocks a 4.95 (40) and records about a 31-inch vertical.

McVey sid, "Lorenzo is deceptively quick. He ran down Pierre Brown from Duncanville last year. That's saying something about Lorenzo's speed."

No doubt...

McVey also said the McKinney lineman is a great kid who works hard and is a good team leader.

"Lo isn't a rah-rah guy," McVey revealed. "He leads by example and is very coachable. If he's not in the right gap or not doing something we ask of him, he makes sure he gets it done the next time -- no questions asked.

McKinney moves down (from 5A) to 4A this season. But don't tell anyone on the Lions staff the competition won't be strong.

"I've seen teams in 4A that could wipe the floors with 5A teams," McVey said. "We know this league we are in is tough and we have a lot to prove. We as coaches have placed high expectations on the men to play hard week-in and week-out."

Those words were echoed by Hodges when he said, "We have to earn the right to be here. Nobody hands you anything in Texas high school football."

McKinney plans to bounce back from last season's 2-8 record.

"Last year, we had a lot of young guys starting," McVey said. "We hope the experience in the trenches pays off this season."

Another player that caught our eye and may very well surprise some people is Jones' counterpart Luke Swadley.

Swadley plays the other DT and looks more like a linebacker but his punch, quickness and strength really catch your eye.

Standing 6'0 and around 220,Swadley gets off the ball real fast and is a good compliment to Jones who has all the size. He reminds me of a Teddy Bruschi-type, meaning, his motor is always going, he flows to the ball and has good balance.

Swadley, is very strong and you can see that by his get off. He benches nearly 300 pounds, squats 455 and power cleans 290 per Hodges.

Jones, on the other hand, told us that he has only one official offer from Iowa State.

He's receiving quite a bit of mail from "Texas A&M, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida", to name a few.

Other prospects?
Casey Cooley (WR) who stands about 6-2, 195.
Hector Hernandez (FB) who is 5-9, 215.
Chris Munoz (OT) who is reportedly 6-3, 235.
Steven Arnold (K/P) who checks in at 5-11, 175. Kid hit hit two over FGs over 45 and 6 over 40 yards last season. He's currently receiving letters from "Texas A&M and Kansas".

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