Vince Oghobaase to the Maroon and White fold. "> Vince Oghobaase to the Maroon and White fold. ">

Aldine Ike DE Pulls Commitment Trigger

Aldine Ike DE <b>Paul Freeney</b> has been high on A&M for a long time. He's wanted to commit, but his mom wanted him to take his visits. However, he said his secondary coach at Eisenhower, "who his mom trusts", called and told her that Paul really wanted to commit to A&M. She told the coach that it was okay for Paul to go ahead and do it, so he did. More on that below as well as Freeney's desire to recruit standout Texas DT <b>Vince Oghobaase</b> to the Maroon and White fold.

"I've been wanting to go to A&M for a long time," Paul Freeney said regarding his choice to end the suspense and pull the commitment trigger. "I had already made my choice awhile back."

"The Texas A&M coaches have been showin' me a lot of interest," Freeney continued. "Plus, they're close to home and they have the type of environment I wanted to be a part of. Everybody there is really close -- the players and the coaches. I like that a lot."

Next on the agenda?

"I'm calling Vince Oghobaase," said the state's No. 31. "I'm going to talk to him to see if I can get him to come to A&M with me and Vincent Williams."

The Ags are looking to sign perhaps one of the nation's top defensive line units. With Williams and Freeney already in the fold, they may very well be halfway there...

Freeney's highlight video is available to you simply by Clickin Here!

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