Texas A&M's Boone Stutz announces his presence

Texas A&M tight end Boone Stutz led the Aggies in receiving Saturday against Clemson. He spoke to the media during the football team's Tuesday press conference.

Headed into last Saturday's Texas A&M-Clemson game, Boone Stutz wasn't a name with which many Aggie fans were familiar. But Stutz made a solid impression at Kyle Field last weekend, leading all Aggie receivers with four catches for 49 yards in Texas A&M's 27-6 victory over the Tigers. Stutz spoke to the media during the football team's Tuesday press conference.

On playing for Coach Franchione at both Alabama and Texas A&M after planning on attending TCU out of high school:

"It just happened to be that way. I mean I barely played tackle in high school, and deep snapping was my only ticket to the college level. And him being at TCU right there I got the chance to go out there and talk to him. And then when he went to Alabama—you spend all that time making those kind of relations with the coaching staff—you really don't have time to do anything with the new TCU coaching staff, so really my only ticket to get a chance at the Division I level was to see if I could go to Alabama. And Coach gave me the opportunity to come out there and snap out there, and it just evolved over from snapping to tackle to Coach Lafavers down on the scout team seeing me catch and moving to tight end. So it's just kind of evolved all the way over, even coming back here. To know that this coaching staff—I've seen what they can do—I know that they're going to get us in the right position to win ballgames, and I trust Fran with every decision that he makes."


On when he made the decision to leave Alabama for Texas A&M:

"Out there in Alabama, the new coaching staff that came in, Coach Price had a spread offense. And with me being a big tight end, they weren't really going to split me out wide. And so my playing time there got diminished. And after that they saw that I'd lost all this weight to get to a tight end position. And after that they wanted to move me to tackle, and I just really didn't want to do that. And I went to Coach Price and actually said, you know, ‘Hey, is there any possibility that I can go back to tight end, because I was promised things that didn't get promised to me at tackle." He wouldn't let me move back to tight end, and because I made a fuss about it, he moved me down on the depth chart in everything. He moved me down on the depth chart at snapper. He moved me down on the depth chart at tackle. He did all these things, and I just wasn't—I mean, as a coach, you know, you have your disagreeances [sic]…but if you're going to play the best players out there, there's no reason you need to move me down in other positions—snapper being one of them. And I just wasn't pleased with the coaching staff out there. So I gave Fran a call and said, "Is there a spot down there for me—that I could come down there and contribute to the team?" And after that, we put in the paper work and got all the stuff done, and I wound up down here."


How much weight did he lose to play tight end?

"I left high school—it's so funny looking back at the pictures now—I left high school at 295 pounds. And when I left Alabama I was 255. But it really wasn't that hard to lose all that weight, because I was going through about a gallon of milk a day, eating protein shakes, eating everything in sight—pizzas right before I went to bed and stuff like that. And so keeping the weight on—it wasn't the right weight, that's for sure. So me dropping that kind of weight really wasn't a big problem for me. I was down to 275 after going from fall to spring practice. So I'd lost 20 pounds in just a few months. So it really wasn't hard to take that weight off; but to keep the weight right now is becoming a bigger battle."


On what it feels like to return to his home state of Texas and catch 4 balls on national television:

"It's amazing. My pops couldn't say it any better—he said, "God's got a plan for you, and that plan you never know." I mean, I go out there to Alabama and have fun and make relations out there and come back here and contribute to the team. It's just been a long road, and I really don't know where it's going to stop. Who knows what the week has in store? I come out here, and one of my buddies I went to elementary school with, Cole Smith—me and him have been best buddies for a long time. We kind of had our roads split with the colleges we went to. He said the other day, "If you'd have thought in fourth grade…that if somebody had told me that 60,000 fans would be "booing" you on a nationally-televised game,' he said, ‘I'd have told you you were lying.' But it's just fun seeing where it could possibly go."


When was he put on scholarship?

"I had to sit out last year, because I came in a little too late for any kind of financial help. But I got put on early this summer."


Was he surprised by his performance [against Clemson]?

"I just go out there and prepare. Coach says, ‘prepare for your opportunities, so your opportunities don't embarrass you.' You've just got to do what you can to give it your best. Would I have thought that I'd have caught four balls and be the leading receiver versus Clemson? I'd have told you were lying too. But it's just amazing. Actually the other day after Joey caught three balls and I hadn't caught one yet versus Wyoming. And I went up to Reggie and asked him, ‘Is there something wrong with me? You don't like me? Is there something you got against me?' [Laughs] And he laughed. It's just funny how our football team works. I know some people had asked Fran, ‘Did you design plays to go to these people?' With our offense and just the progression that's happened, I know I couldn't have gotten open if Joey hadn't pulled a receiver out or if Ryan White had pulled the safety away from me. Just with progressions that Reggie sees. He found me and happened to go to me."


On why he initially put on weight:

"Coming out of high school I was an offensive tackle, and I thought my only chance at Division I was going to be snapping. I got out there, I weighed 295 and saw that other people were weighing 295, 6'6" and I was like, that could be a possible tackle position. And I got bored sitting around, just snapping the ball all day. So I went down on the scout team and started helping them out there, and it just started evolving. But the 295 was just what I came out of high school with and decided to put that to use."


On getting a scholarship to play snapper:

"Really, to be honest with you, it just started out for the love of the game. I didn't really care. I just wanted to go play some football somewhere. If it happened to turn out that way, it did. That's probably the reason I wanted to play tackle, was to improve my stock and see if I could actually contribute to a team that way, and then possibly find out that it might come."

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