Houston Davis WR Says Two Stand Out

Houston Davis WR <b>Derrell Porter</b> has several schools looking at him but has a current top five. Of those five, two stand out above the others with a third school on their heels and then the other two filing in behind those three. We talk about that and more below...

"My top five is Utah (Dan Mullen), Texas A&M (Melvin Smith), Arkansas (Chris Vaughn), Missouri (Brian Jones) and U of H," Derrell Porter told Scout.com. "My top two would be A&M and Utah, Missouri behind them, and then Arkansas and Houston after that."

Of those five, two have offered: "Texas A&M and U of H."

Thoughts on his top two favorites (A&M and Utah)?

"Texas A&M was the first to offer," Porter said. "And, they're neck-and-neck with Utah right now. Utah, hasn't offered yet. But they're waiting on my SAT scores to get back. I just took the SAT again. The first time, I scored a 740. I think I need about an 880 and I'm anxious to see how well I did this time. I think I did well. I know I did better this time because I took some tutorials. That's all Utah is waiting on. They said, 'No doubt about it, we want you to be a Ute.'"

While most teams are pursuing the former Texas Hot 100 prospect (and candidate for future Texas Hot 100 updates) as a wideout, Porter said the Razorbacks like him at free safety.

"I play both ways. And, I have over 50 tackles. That's leading the district right now. And, I have 3 INTs. So I can play defense too."

It's the ability on both sides of the ball that makes the Houston Davis senior an attractive prospect to keep an eye on.

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