5-Star Safety Breaks Down Big 12 Contenders

Edmond, Oklahoma FS/RS prospect <b>Reggie Smith</b> is a Scout.com National Hot 100 selection. With a laundry list of offers to mull over, he can pretty much go where he wants. But it is the Big 12 and Pac-10 conferences garnering the most love from the top player in the Midlands region (and state of Oklahoma), along with Notre Dame and Penn State. The Santa Fe high school prep gave us a quick update...

The teams in the Big 12 region Reggie Smith has under serious consideration are as follows: "Texas A&M (Chris Thurmond), OU (Cale Gundy), OSU (Josh Henson), Nebraska (John Blake) and K-State (Greg Peterson)."

Outside of the Big 12, the 6-0, 190-pound athlete mentioned these schools: "USC, UCLA, Notre Dame and Penn State."

"I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do," said Reggie Smith regarding his timetable for paring his list. "I might narrow it down a little more in a few weeks. But, right now, I'm still concentrating on my senior season."

Asked about the five Big 12 teams in contention for his services, Smith gave us a few sentences to analyze and dissect while we await word, from him, on which teams can celebrate surviving his first cut. Until then, let's take a look at what he had to say on the Big 5 from the Big 12...

Smith On A&M: "They had a big game this last week against Oklahoma State. I went to the game (as an Oklahoma State "unofficial" visitor) and saw (first-hand) that they're doing pretty good. I thought it would be a good game.

Dean: Follow-up question. Did that give the Aggies any edge in terms of landing a commitment from you?

Smith: "(A&M) showed me they're doin' pretty good. I saw their DBs step up and stop the run. Seems like a good place to be right now."

Smith On K-State: "I like their special teams a lot. And, I like the type of coverages they run in the secondary."

On Nebraska: "I like that they made a change. Later on, they should get a lot better. Especially once they get a good passing QB in there."

On Oklahoma: "They compete every year. And it seems like they're always gettin' better and better. You always got to think about (OU)."

On Oklahoma State: "It looks like they'll be losing a few defensive backs. It would be a good time to come in and possibly play early."

Additional Note: Smith said his parents support him 100 percent and that they do not have a preference...

"They said whatever makes me happy. So, I guess it's on me. I think I'll just go where ever I feel at home."

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