Aggies discuss overtime thriller

After coming from behind late in the fourth quarter, Texas A&M was able to pull out a huge win in overtime play against a scrappy Colorado team that refused to let up on Saturday at Kyle Field. The game ended with an emotional turnover by Colorado running back Bobby Purify. After the win, Jason Carter, Reggie McNeal, and Terrence Murphy discussed the game with the media.


Texas A&M wide receiver Jason Carter on the emotions of the game:

"Man, it was crazy. I just knew we didn't want to lose. I think the team did a good job of feeding off of each other. They made some good plays, and [Colorado] was a good ball club. It's hard to explain right now. I know my teammates are feeling it right now."


Texas A&M quarterback Reggie McNeal on the difference of the last drive during regulation, as compared to the rest of the game:

"The difference was the execution – everyone was on the same page. The offensive line knew that if they gave me time, I would sit back out there and pick a receiver, and the receivers would make plays. That's what happened. Our O-line stayed up, held me down in the backfield, and I stood back there and made the right reach. "


Texas A&M wide receiver Terrence Murphy on regrouping emotionally after his touchdown in overtime was called back:

"Everyone thought it was a touchdown, because that's what they called, so we expected them to give us the seven points. When they didn't, we just felt like we got cheated out of it. But it didn't matter, because we came back, fought together as a team, and won."

"I thought it was a touchdown. The line [judge] that was right there on top of the play gave it a touchdown. But then, the dude in the back of the end zone called him off. I don't see how he could see that from the back of the end zone, but it doesn't matter."


Reggie McNeal on the passing arm of [punter] Jacob Young:

[laughter] "Actually, I was back there on the phone when it happened, so I didn't even see it. I just looked up and saw Byron [Jones] run it down the field. But it seemed to be a pretty good pass. I hope he don't take my spot come tomorrow. [more laughter]"


Terrence Murphy on helping Jason Carter along as a receiver:

"Ever since he was named a receiver I've been trying to teach him the ins and outs of being a receiver. He's a very exciting person. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, so when someone makes big plays like that, you've got to back up and just let them have their moment. We make jokes about that, but it was one time where I told him to just stay focused, and that's what he kept doing. He kept making big plays for our team."


Terrence Murphy on what was said on the sidelines before the last drive of regulation:

"We work on that all the time, so everybody was told to just stay focused and do what you do. "

McNeal adding to Murphy's comment:

"Coach [Fran] said, ‘Everybody stay poised and stay within yourself. Do what you've got to do and we can move the ball.'"


Carter on tucking the ball and running, rather than passing to Murphy downfield:

"The play was designed for me to catch the ball and then look down the field for DQ (DeQawn Mobley), but they were double covering DQ. I was looking for Murphy. I told Murph to ‘Stay alive' because I wanted to throw it, but he went down there and didn't make enough blocks, so I just tucked it and ran. I was trying to throw it, but they stopped me. I didn't get to get the pass off."


Murphy on being able to pull the win out, as a team:

"We've just got heart, that's the biggest thing I can say about this team. We've got a lot of people with heart, and you can just see it in their eyes. At halftime, everyone was in there hoopin' and hollerin', and we got to the point where you just have to go out there and do it, and no more talking was done. That's what we came out and did, and everyone just played their hearts out."


McNeal on what Colorado's defense did differently than other teams this season:

"Everything that they did we've seen on film and we were prepared for everything. It wasn't anything really different that they did, they just played a hard-fought game. I'd say they played better [than expected]. This was their first time losing at Kyle Field, so we felt like they were going to play one of their better games. Their coach was saying that this was like a mood-swinging game for them, so we figured they were going to come out and play one of their best games of the year. We made it happen. The defense stepped up when they needed to step up, and the offense stepped up when they needed to. That's the big part of being a team."


Carter on some of the offensive frustration of the first half:

"Anytime you can't move the ball when you want to, you're going to get frustrated. But everybody just came together and said, ‘Hey, let's get the job done.' We knew we had to execute in the second half if we wanted to win. We didn't want to lose at Kyle Field. Everyone just had to get on the right page. When we did that, the offense started working for us."


McNeal on the importance of getting big wins like this for the future of the program:

"When you see recruits up in the stands, they see how tight of a team we are, and how everybody is playing together and playing for each other. That's always going to bring good players in. Plus, if we win it too, they see that this program is being turned around quickly."

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