Cody Glenn: Ready to Pull Trigger

Rusk RB <b>Cody Glenn</b> said he's very close to pulling the commitment trigger in favor of a Big 12 school that you can find on his list of favorites. Below, is a full report detailing the above...<p>

"I really liked the trip to Nebraska," Cody Glenn said. "The best part of it was walking down the tunnel between the locker room and the field where the fans were acting crazy. They were cool. We didn't have on nametags, but they must have known who I was because they were shouting things like, 'Cody, come to Nebraska. We need ya, we need ya.'"

Given the above and a couple of other things we'll touch on below, that has the Texas Hot 100 #36 very close to pulling the commitment trigger in favor of the Huskers...

"I think I might commit there tomorrow or Wednesday when (Nebraska RB) Coach Randy Jordan makes his in-home visit."

Nebraska WR Coach Tuner Gill heads up the recruitment for the Big Red but it'll be Jordan heading to east Texas to close the deal.

What happened to A&M?

"Well, the last time I talked to them they said they were only taking two running backs and I saw that they had commitments from Pete Richardson and Jorvorskie Lane. Also, they haven't been calling me anymore. They haven't called in a couple of weeks."

And the Cowboys?

"(Oklahoma State WR) Coach Todd Monken said he was coming down to my school a couple of weeks ago and he never did. We tried to call Oklahoma State from my school Monday and we're going to try to call them today. If were not able to talk to them, I'm going to commit to Nebraska."

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