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Bryn Mawr (Pa.) Harriton five-star defensive tackle <b>Callahan Bright</b>, 6-2 and 315-pounds has been the subject of many negative rumors as of late. The rumors may cost the talented teenager a spot in the prestigious U.S. Army/ AA Bowl on Jan. 15th, in San Antonio. Bright is a brutal and destructive force on the field, but if you take 5-10 minutes to actually get to know the young man he is the exact opposite off the field. That, and more, below, including his thoughts on A&M...

"I was suspended for a game this year, I made a tackle and got up, the kid threw the ball at my face so I said something. The referee then threw us both out of the game, so I was forced to sit out the next game as well," said Bright "I got in trouble in school this year for violation of a school policy, but it was very minor, nothing like everyone is saying about me."

Harriton head coach Hal Smith cannot believe the accusations that have been made about his star pupil.

"He is a good kid, he was really looking forward to the opportunity to play in The U.S. Army All-American Bowl and now that is up in the air," said Smith. "I can assure you this young man has not done anything that any other normal 17-year old high school student has not done. Apparently since people don't know the truth about the situation, they feel the need to make up their own version, and that is a shame."

Smith is hopeful, as is Bright that Callahan may get the opportunity to take the field in San Antonio.

"They have sent some letters and stuff, but there's been no decision made as far as I know," said Smith.

Bright recently returned from an official visit to Texas A&M, it had been rumored that Bright may have committed to the Aggies.

"I didn't make a decision, I have been to Purdue, Florida State, and Texas A&M and I was equally impressed with all three," said Bright. "No matter what I decide, this decision is going to be tough."

Bright has decided to cancel previously scheduled trips to USC and West Virginia.

"I will likely schedule trips with LSU and Auburn, I have no dates as of yet."

Bright was originally planning on making an announcement at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, since his status for the game is in doubt so is his decision.

"I will probably decide on signing day."

Academics have also been a topic of internet fodder recently; Bright gave an update on his status in the classroom as well.

"I have a 2.4 GPA, I'm a little short on the SAT test, but I'll be taking it again in January. I'm not real far off, but I need to work on it," said Bright. "I'm currently working with one of our math teachers on it now." will continue keeping in touch with one of the nation's most sought-after defensive tackle prospects...

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