Texas A&M in Ouststanding Shape with VO

OUInsider's <b>James Hale</b> broke some major news in the Race to Sign Alief Hastings DT <b>Vince Oghobaase</b>, with Texas A&M suddenly looking like a major player, if not the odds-on favorite...<p>

-- Originally reported on OUInsider by James Hale Tuesday night.

"OU will not bring in Vince Oghobasse of Alief (Hastings HS), Texas this weekend," said James Hale. "OU has decided to back off on their recruiting of Oghobasse because it appears that he will go to Texas A&M because of their engineering school."

Dean: Has OU decided to back off because they feel they need to concentrate on reeling in DT prospects showing mutual interest? I mean, does it really look like Oghobaase is heading to A&M?

Hale: Stacey, in my opinion, and based on my information, I think Vince is heading to Texas A&M. In recruiting, you never know what might happen, but I'm telling you that it is looking very, very good for Texas A&M right now. In large part, due to their engineering school and that's something Vince has made clear -- that that's one of his top priorities.

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