Curtis Bailey: Dallas Carter OT Fills Us In

Dallas Carter OT <b>Curtis Bailey</b>, who measures at or near 6-6, 360 pounds, stands to gain quite a few more offers if and when he receives the academic stamp "fully qualified" on his recruiting resume. Still, he's already received official offers from Nebraska, OU, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

His early favorites at this point, and in what order?

"USC, Texas, Notre Dame, Florida, Nebraska (offer), Texas Tech (offer), OU (offer) and A&M (offer)."

Bailey has attended junior days at Texas and Texas A&M and is slated to attend the Texas Tech spring game April 16th.

Academics: GPA: 3.4, ACT/SAT: Said he is "awaiting results", but still wants to take the SAT again (May 7th) as well as the ACT.

The Dallas Carter OT gave us one-liners on his 8 favorites, and in the order of his 8 favorites…

1. USC: "Great football program."

2. Texas: "Great academics and football team. And, I want to study law. They have a great law school." (Bruce Chambers recruiting.)

3. Notre Dame: "One of the teams I grew uprooting for."

4. Florida: "Just interested in them."

5. Nebraska: "I like their football program." (Bill Callahan recruiting.)

6. Texas Tech: "I'm just interested. I want to go check them out."

7. Oklahoma: "Want to check them out and learn more about them."

8. Texas A&M: "I like their tradition." (Stan Eggen recruiting.)

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