Kingsville DT/OL Talks A&M caught up with Kingsville DT/OL <b>Lucas Patterson</b>, who projects as a guard on the next level, for a second time to get the news of his commitment to Texas A&M.

"I always wanted to go to Texas A&M," Lucas Patterson told "My grandpa and dad both went there and graduated. So, it's family thing."

"I've been associated with A&M my entire life," Patterson continued. "I guess it was my dream to go there."

Patterson, who we currently list at 6-4, 280, 5.3, put up most of his numbers at the DT position last year.

"I mainly played defense last year and offense about 6 plays a game," he said. "At DT, I had 55 tackles, 14-15 TFLs, 4 sacks, 9 TPs, 2 FFs and 2 FRs."

This year, Patterson has himself in shape to play both ways. Kingsville will definitely get more mileage out of him in his final season as a prep. And the Ags will get a prospect with a full season of OL duty under his belt…

Areas To Improve: "I would say my feet and needing to get more reps as an offensive lineman."

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