Snead Productive in Multi-Faceted Attack

Stephenville QB <b>Jevan Snead</b> is up to 15 offers, with nearly all of those free rides coming from the big boys. Below, we bring you quite a bit of background information on the Texas Top 100 prospect, such as stats, arm strength, mobility, academics and quite a bit more…

Jevan Snead, who is sporting 15 official offers (Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Houston, Kansas, Miami, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Purdue, SMU, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Tulane), put up some big numbers last year for his Stephenville High School football team.

In 11 games, Snead was 184-of-305, completing 60 percent of his passes, for 3,025 yards and 28 TDs against 9 INTs. He also logged 108 carries for 525 yards (4.9 ypc) and 14 TDs.

Stephenville runs a multi-faceted attack with a good balance of run/pass, using motion to read coverage and to exploit various match-ups that favor the offense. It is based on and similar to the Utah offense Urban Meyer/Ute QB Alex Smith rode to a BCS Bowl win.

"We're predominantly shotgun," Snead's father told "Our best receiver had 900 yards (less than a 1/3 of Jevan's total passing yards for the 2004 season), so we spread it around, and to a lot of different people. We're about 50-50 run/pass (ratio). We do some option, lots of motion, mix in some screen passes, bubble passes, etc."

"A lot of our offense is based on pre-snap reads, checking people off, calling hot routes," said Jevan, explaining his duties as commander of the Stephenville O. "And, then going through your progressions, looking for the first, second and third receivers. We just adjust to what the defense is giving us."

Does Jevan have a preference in throwing deep versus tossing the short/intermediate-range passes? And, if so is he better at one of the two areas at this stage of the game?

"I'd like to say that I'm good at both, not better at one over the other," Snead informed. "We take some shots. And, when we went downfield we were successful. But if I need to throw it short, I‘m not going to hesitate to do that. We take what's there."

You have to have mobility at the QB-spot in order to run option. The 6-3, 200-pounder evidently has that in his package too. Snead's father gave us a few forty times to mull over.

"When he came out for workouts this year, before he had a chance to really get back in shape, he clocked a 4.71 and a 4.72," Mr. Snead informed. "But that was early. Just the other day, at the high school, his fastest forty was a 4.62 and that was on a track (and field surface). Last year at the SMU mini-camp, he ran a 4.69. Depending on the surface, wind, or whether it's hand-held or electronic, I'm sure it varies. But I think he could clock a 4.7-flat or sub-4.7 (hand-held), on most any surface."

Size/Build: "He's not big and bulky like a bench press-guy. He's a long muscled-type of boy."

Weight Room-Numbers: Bench: 215, Squat: 315.

Arm Strength: "Last year, at the Tarrelton camp here in Stephenville, they did some neat drills. One of them was a distance drill. Jevan said he didn't get that good of a grip, but still threw it 67 or 68 yards, and about 3-4 feet away from the line (measuring accuracy)."

Academics: 4.379 GPA, 24 ACT (on first attempt).

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