Michael Goodson-A&M Marriage Annulled?

Checking back in with Klein Collins head coach <b>Ronny Fedman</b> not just 15 minutes ago, has produced some breaking news with regrad to the Michael Goodson/A&M marriage...

Upon further review, it does not appear that Klein Collins RB Michael Goodson has ended the suspense.

Collins head coach Ronny Feldman said that while his blue chip running back did in fact love the trip to A&M this past weekend, that he is open.

Having had a chance to sit down with Goodson, Feldman told Scout.com, "I'm not sure it was a full-blown commitment as much as he just really liked it. And I think there was some miscommunicaton there. He is really interested in A&M, but there has been no commitment. He is open."

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