Texas A&M Adds Standout DE Prospect

Longview DE Cody Williams, one of the top defensive end prospects in the country, pulled the commitment trigger last night in favor of Texas A&M. We talk about that below…

"Yes, he did commit to Texas A&M," Longview head coach John King told Scout.com. "He committed last night."

Catching up with Williams' father Lee Williams gave us additional confirmation when he said, "We (Mr. Williams and Cody Williams) discussed it last night and he's been liking A&M for some time, the way it stacked up athletically and academically and so that's where he decided to go. That's the place he wanted to be. So he called Coach Fran last night about 10:00 pm and committed."

Mr. Williams went onto say that the A&M coaches have wanted to increase the speed at the DE position and the 6-4.5, 230-pounder brings plenty of it.

Aggie fans should be extremely pleased with this pickup we have scouted this kid in person, not to mention on film. And let me tell ya, Williams has committed himself to improving in a number of areas, namely ratcheting up his work ethic to a point where, now, the sky is the limit in what he can do and become. Keep an eye on this kid – he is special.

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