Goodson: Can Anyone Catch The Trojans?

Amazing running back Michael Goodson (6-0, 185, 4.5) spent Wednesday and Thursday unofficially visiting the USC campus with is father...

The youngster from Klein Collins High School in Klein, Texas, said, "I told USC coach (Todd) McNair (running backs) that I thought I would go there. I told him it would be really hard for any school to compete with my visit there--but I did not commit to USC. I just liked being in L.A. It's a great atmosphere and they are the national champs, two years in a row. They showed me a lot of love. It's a real family atmosphere there.

"So far, I have visited all the schools in Texas, as well as LSU and I'm going to Oklahoma next weekend. I've never been to the state of Oklahoma before, but Oklahoma is a great program and it's closer to home than USC. I'm going to decide where I'm going to go next weekend. I'll just have to see it when I get there.

"They've brought in Adrian Peterson last year and he played right away and had a great year, so obviously they are doing nothing wrong," said Goodson, a very polite young man.

"Right now, I'd say USC leads Texas A&M, which would be #2, then LSU at #3 and Oklahoma. Coach McNair from USC is just one of the coolest coaches I have ever met. He has a great relationship with the players he coaches. All the players I spoke with on my trip really like him. Nobody had any bad things to say about him. Reggie Bush said that I wouldn't find a better running back coach and that McNair really knows the game because he played in the NFL. He gets results.

"I've been a big fan of Reggie Bush. We have the same type of running style, I think. I'm a little bigger than he is, but we both have good hands and great speed. We didn't talk about when he would leave USC. If he stays two more years, that's okay too. There will be competition wherever I go.

"The USC coaches told me I could play early as a freshman and that's what I was looking for," he said. "All schools say that to me, but all schools don't have two national championships in a row.

"And I really liked coach (Pete) Carroll too. He is just not like most head coaches. He's always really mixing and blending with everyone.

"I want to commit now so I can concentrate on my senior year and not have to deal with all the hassle. My dad doesn't have any preference about what I do, but he'll be helping me with my decision."

Academics: 3.0 GPA/June 4 first-time SAT

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