Jason Fox Talks Early Top Teams

North Crowley OT Jason Fox -- who Scout.com is now listing at 6-7, 255 pounds -- told us in a face-to-face interview that he's currently looking at several teams including "Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Miami, Texas Tech, Purdue, Arkansas and Arizona," giving him a nice, well-rounded top-7 and all of the above have officially offered.

Asked which teams stood out early, Jason Fox said, "It's still early, but I guess I would have to say Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Miami."

Fox who has yet to check out the Canes is planning on doing so, which could reveal even more in terms of who has the best shot to land the fastest-rising OT prospect in the Lone Star State when he returns.

Right now, though, it appears Oklahoma State could very well be in the lead along with the A&M.

"I haven't seen Miami yet, so it's hard to say who leads right now."

Fox would also be quick to point out he is still in the process of evaluating the schools on his list, and could do some shuffling between now and the time he makes his decision (which is expected to come before the start of his senior season).

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