Waco Combine Top DL Performers

Scout.com Waco Combine unit breakdowns continue (OL unit breakdown already posted) as we highlight the collection of DL talent, seven total, who warrant additional mention, analysis and recognition…

The Scout.com Waco Combine (held at Baylor's Floyd Casey Stadium) hosted several standout prospects from the Lone Star State, at each position, and here are a few of the defensive linemen you should know about:

Top Two Defensive Ends:

Cody Williams -- a Texas A&M DE comit -- is a speed demon, Texas Top 10/15-type of talent who is an athletic freak, posting some of the most ridiculous measurements/times at the Waco Combine. So good was Williams, in testing and one-on-one battles, he was given strong consideration, along with another DE, and QB Sherrod Harris for Scout.com Waco Combine MVP honors (which went to West Orange-Stark's Ken Beasley).

Back to Williams -- We like the fact that the Longview DE has the long arms, 6-4/6-4.5-height and carries a good 235 pounds, already, on his frame. The Texas A&M coaches (per Williams) said they wanted him to bulk up slowly, prefer that he keep his sprinter's speed. Speaking of speed, Williams clocked a 4.51-forty (at the Texas A&M June 12 camp). Add to that the physical presence/nature he brought to the one-on-ones at the Scout.com combine and he has the tools to develop into a promising DE. With the release of the Scout.com Preseason National and Regional Hot 100 rankings, Williams found out hard work pays dividends, making both the Scout.com Preseason National and Southwest Hot 100 lists.

Brian Ellis -- DE – Just a total beast at defensive end, Ellis has slowlt, but surely,mthe Scout.com rankings. The probable 4-star prospect recently busted his way into the State's Top 25 and Southwest Region Top 30. Given his unique size/strength/quickness-package, and make no mistake that package was fully on display at the Scout.com Combine (Waco, Texas), Ellis drew praise from everybody. Kid has the tools/size/ability to project as an every-down DE, capable of being effective on run and pass downs. If his body continues to mature, though, and he gets up to 270 pounds (or thereabouts), I'd expect Ellis to move inside.

Top Five Defensive Tackles:

Brandon Antwine -- DT -- The Garland interior line prospect is not that tall. He's reminds more of a short, but feisty and nasty OL prospect that uses his lack of height to his advantage, getting underneath you, and moving you. He could use some more strength, keeping in mind that we're talking what he needs to have in big-time D-I ball. That said, he's pit bull in the trenches and is flat out going to tear it up. Weighing at or about 270 pounds, he could add another ten pounds, giving him a nice 280 to man-up against opposing OL. Scout.com has Antwine just behind Leslie Ray in our latest rankings, primarily because we're still awaiting footage we asked for in order to complete his evaluation. That is expected to hit the mailbox soon though, hopefully, within the next week or two. Do not be surprised to see him climbing his way back into the State's Top 20, battling Midland Lee DT (and A&M commit) Ray for top DT honors. We will use the entire season to tighten up our rankings. What little we saw of him on tape was in fact impressive, and he certainly did not disappoint in the 1-on-1 match-ups, facing off against 4 Texas Top 100 linemen, two of which reside in the State's Top 20.

DanTay Ward -- DT -- Hailing from the local high school (Waco High), Ward, in terms of size-strength package, was the best DT prospect at the Combine. We'd like to see him become more athletic though. Still, we were very impressed with his performance and we moved him into the Texas Top 100, about a month ago, in light of a very strong performance at the All-American event. Committed to the hometown Baylor Bears, Ward is not making headlines. But, this kid can play, and if he works on his footwork, agility and speed, he could develop enough to be a part of the DT rotation at Baylor (as a true freshman).

Richard Jones -- DT -- Smallish in the height department, but very good speed, and we like him an awful lot. The LaMarque DT is very athletic and brings explosion to the position. We put him up against the best of the best and he did not disappoint. Recently opening his recruitment back up, one of the top Greater Houston Area prospects is now listing Texas Tech No. 1, Missouri No. 2 and Colorado No. 3. At this time is still being evaluated and could be due for a bump up in the state rankings. Based strictly on his Combine performance, feel like he's a State Top 100 prospect and he currently resides there. But one thing we know for sure is Jones will need to focus on becoming even more athletic as well as relentless in his strength and weight training. Not suggesting he is weak just pointing out that he's going to need all the strength he can muster if he wants to play early, and be an early impact.

Curt Hornback -- DT/G – The Westmoore HS (Oklahoma City) DT is one good-lookin' prospect (6-4.5/305/5.35). We really dig his physicality and think he projects as a DT or G on the next level. No one is talking him up, but we liked what we saw on the hoof, after checking him out at the Scout.com Waco AA Combine him. He could surprise some folks this year, if he continues working hard this summer… Make no mistake, the teams shopping the Midlands region year in and year out, should take a look at Hornback if they have not yet checked him out, and if they're still in pursuit of DT/OL…

Sharod Basey -- DT/C -- The Waco University DT (5-11, 253 pounds), is a little shy today, regarding where most coaches want their future "inside" guys to be weight-wise. If he managed to add just another 10-20 pounds (putting him at, or about, 263-273), his stock would rise. Having said that, when it comes to athleticism, this kid can run like the wind. Despite being a bit light right now, Basey's "athletic package" makes him very intriguing... Some schools are going to jump on this kid, provided he is already qualified. We also like the idea of projecting him as a center prospect, where he could be a very athletic force at that position also.

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