E.J. Shankle Trippin' to TAMU

With E.J Shankle's recruitment winding down, 12thFan.com grabs a few tidbits from the Lufkin wideout, bringing fans a quick review of the Texas Top 100 prospect's recruitment.

Going back just a bit in the process, 12thFan.com highlights the five schools suiting E.J. Shankle's tastes with all five coming from the Big 12 and SEC, respectively -- two conferences considered top to bottom without peer.

"My Top Five," Shankle said to be sure,"LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

And when it came to trimming it down even further, two programs standing out tall to those who play and follow Lufkin are, you guessed it, "LSU and Texas A&M."

"I already gave LSU an unofficial visit," Shankle said, "And, I'll visit A&M unofficially this coming weekend."

Many have the Lufkin Duo headed east, but the 3-star athlete makes it sound like he might just as easily head southwest when it's all said and done.

Is it all just drama?

One thing is clear, if Coach Fran and Gang don't knock it out of the park this weekend, the drama ends here.

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