OU/Texas A&M Post-game quotes

A gutsy call by Bob Stoops was the nail in the coffin for Texas A&M Saturday night, as the Sooners converted a fourth-and-inches play from their own 29 with 1:29 remaining to beat the Aggies 17-16 in College Station. The game was played in front of an above-capacity crowd of 85,697 and was the ninth-largest in Kyle Field history.

Texas A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione on OU's 4th-and-1 late in the game: "We had some confusion and we got Chad [Schroeder] out there and a safety and that's our fault as coaches. That shouldn't have happened, but they made it anyway. But that was ridiculous. You have somebody to catch it for it if they're going to punt so it doesn't roll for 15 or 20 yards. Chad's not going to make much difference on whether we stop them on the quarterback sneak. We just had a little break down in communication."

Franchione on the 4th quarter: "Well, yes, you think about four downs and you think about field goals and you have all those kind of thoughts in your mind. Certainly going for it on the fourth down is something we discussed and talked about -- but, you've got a good feeling if you get the three points with the way our defense had played. If we get one stop we're going to have the ball around our 40-yard line and it's not going to take much for us to get in field goal range to win the game. Hindsight is 20/20. It's a tough call either way and whatever decision you make you've got the make at the right decision and we weren't able to do that."

Franchione on rebounding for Nebraska next week: "Well, we have no choice. It's the senior's last home game next week. They have been resilient and done it week in and week out and I have no reason to believe they won't continue to do so next week. Next week will be our eleventh straight game. We've got an open date after that. We're banged up a little bit but those guys will find a way as we go through the week and they'll get ready to play and be out there on Saturday. This team has done it every week and I don't have any doubt they'll do it again."

OU Quarterback Paul Thompson on on fourth down conversion: "Coach said he wanted to go for it and he wanted to go for it again. That did it. That's what we wanted. Whenever we ran the play on third down, I knew we had fourth down in our pocket. We didn't want to give the ball back and allow them to score."

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops: "There was a lot of excitement and it was a great atmosphere and place to compete in. I'm proud of the players and the way they played. I compliment, always, Texas A&M. They did an excellent job. We had a fun night out there with everybody competing. I think both sides played well. It was a well-played game."

Stoops on late fourth-down conversion: "I went through a range of what to do. There was a certain point early on when I thought we would just punt it and then I started considering the wind. The second I said punt it, I looked at all the offensive guys in their eyes, then I thought ‘I can't punt it.' The factors I was considering was that although their wasn't a lot of wind, there was enough to affect the punt 10 to 15 yards, which is enough to affect a field goal kick 10 or 15 yards. In college, you get a first down and the clock stops, so a 1:30 is an eternity. I just felt we would make an inch and that's it. Paul did a great job on that play. He initially didn't have it, but he kept pushing and Paul's a strong guy and he kept driving."

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