'Dollar Bill' is money

Texas A&M Director of Athletics Bill Byrne catches a lot of heat for raising ticket prices. But after digging a little deeper, Aggie Websider proves that those dollars really are making an impact on the W column.

He earned his nickname because of his tendency to raise ticket prices. But Texas A&M Director of Athletics Bill Byrne uses that increased revenue as the driving force behind the success that A&M fans enjoy.

During his 11 years at Nebraska, the Cornhuskers won 82 conference championships and eight national titles—an average of 10 conference titles and a national championship each and every year.

After five years at A&M, Byrne appears to have virtually every sport competing for conference championships and in contention for national title opportunities, which is a far cry from the department he inherited nearly five years ago.

In 2001-2002, the last full academic year before Byrne arrived in Aggieland, the Aggies failed to win a single Big 12 title. Football was just a shade above .500, men's and women's basketball were solidified as the doormats of the Big 12, and most of the other team sports were average to slightly above average.

This year, the Aggies have already claimed five Big 12 titles and are in contention for at least three more as many of the teams' seasons come to a close. The men's basketball team finished just one win away from a title of their own, and the football team was one play away from advancing to the Big 12 Championship game last fall.

But championships aren't the only sign of the rising tide in Aggieland.

In 2001-2002, the nine team sports (that track wins and losses) won just over 60% of their games for the year (194-110; .638 winning pct.). This year, the Aggies have won more than 70% of their games and have almost matched the number of wins from 2001-2002 with more than six weeks left on the athletic calendar (190-71; .728 winning pct.). Only one team will finish this year with a losing record.

But as the old song says, "you ain't seen nothing yet."

A&M athletics is primed to make a run like Aggie fans have never seen before. After assembling some of the top coaching staffs in the country and building unmatched facilities, ‘Dollar Bill' has put the money to good use.

In fact, several dividend checks—in the form of trophies—have already been mailed and more are on the way.

During A&M's first six years in the Big 12, the Aggies won just three Big 12 Championships in women's sports. This year, five A&M women's teams have captured the crown with two more up for grabs.

W Swimming & Diving
W Indoor Track & Field
W Basketball
W Golf

W Outdoor Track & Field
M Outdoor Track & Field
M Golf

Texas A&M Win-Loss Comparison
M Basketball9-22 (.409)27-7 (.794)
M Baseball35-24 (.593)32-9 (.780)
Football6-6 (.500)9-4 (.692)
M Tennis22-7 (.759)14-10 (.583)
Men Totals72-59 (.550)82-30 (.732)
Basketball13-16 (.448)25-7 (.781)**
Soccer20-5-1 (.800)17-6-1 (.739)**
Softball40-18 (.689)36-7 (.837)*
Volleyball26-6 (.813)12-16 (.429)
Tennis23-6 (.793)18-5 (.783)
Women Totals122-51(.705)108-41 (.725)
A&M TOTALS194-110 (.638)190-71 (.728)

* Big 12 Championship Contenders
** Big 12 Champions

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