Law Ready for Another Shot

Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp sat down with Acie Law to find out what he's doing to get ready for the NBA Draft, his thoughts on Billy Gillispie's departure for Kentucky and what he's doing to get ready for the biggest 'shot' of his life.

Who doesn't remember "The Shot?" The highlight that introduced the nation to Acie Law IV. Then there was "The Shot II," a game-winning three-pointer on the road at Kansas. And he came close to filming "The Shot III" with an arcing three-pointer over Texas' Kevin Durant against the Longhorns in Austin this year, but it wasn't quite enough. But now Law has another shot, and it's one he's dreamed of his whole life. A shot at the NBA.

It didn't take long for Law to get started after the Aggies' season came to a heart-breaking end in San Antonio.

He went on the award show tour, hired an agent, listened to countless endorsement opportunities and moved to Houston to begin training for NBA workouts. But as busy as his schedule became, he never lost focus on finishing his college course work and graduating.

"My mom told me that I could do whatever I needed to do, but I had to graduate," Law said. "And Coach G. (Former A&M coach Billy Gillispie) calls me all the time to make sure that I'm getting my work done. He told me ‘Acie, you've got to get that degree for yourself, for your family and for the university.' I'm going to walk on May 12."

Now that Law has finished all of his coursework online, he's focusing primarily on working out with former San Antonio Spurs head coach John Lucas, who has helped several top NBA prospects prepare for the draft in recent years. And those workouts aren't for the faint of heart.

"I work out three times a day, running, lifting weights and doing a lot of shooting," Law said. But don't worry about Law losing his knuckleball shot, which has become a trademark for the Aggie fan favorite. "Even if (Lucas) wanted to change it, the reason that my shot doesn't spin is that I broke my wrist three times, so I can't pop it like most people without it hurting. But (Lucas) thinks I have a very consistent shot anyway."

When asked if Lucas' workouts were as tough as Gillispie's boot camp, Law, who knew I had witnessed the boot camp first hand, shot me a look like I was crazy. "Nothing is like that," he said.

Law still stays in touch with Gillispie, and said he understood Gillispie's decision to leave A&M.

"It was just one of those opportunities that he couldn't turn down." he said. "He has nothing against A&M, it was just a great opportunity."

From talking to his agent and other scouts, Law is confident that he'll be one of the first two point guards taken (Mike Conley, Ohio State). Depending on how the NBA draft lottery plays out, Law could also be the highest drafted player in school history.

Antoine Wright, is currently the highest drafted player in A&M history as the 15th overall pick two years ago. But Law, who has been projected as high as the No. 12 overall pick by some experts, could change that this summer. When he realized that it was possible to be the highest draft pick in A&M history, he couldn't hold back his smile. But the draft number isn't important to Law, nor does he care which team he goes to.

"I know it sounds cliché, but I just want an opportunity to play at the highest level. It's always been a dream of mine. I just want to go to a team where I have a good opportunity to play and grow," he said.

Now, he's going to get his shot.

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