Holland is ready for Aggieland

Cypress Falls WR Roger Holland may be attending prom next week, but he's focused on doing everything he can to be ready for his first summer in Aggieland.

While college coaches are already recruiting Class of 2008 prospects, the 2007 signees are still in high school preparing for graduation and getting ready for the next phase of their lives in college.

While Cypress Falls wide receiver Roger Holland is looking forward to his senior prom next week, and walking the stage at his graduation on May 26, he's already in high gear preparing for his move to College Station and becoming a member of the Texas Aggie football team.

Holland signed with the Aggies in February as a speedy athlete with the reputation of running precise routes and making big plays with his hands. But he realized quickly that to make an impact on the next level, he needed to add muscle mass and improve his conditioning and training.

"I really started getting physically prepared earlier this year," Holland said. "I work out four days a week with a trainer here with a great reputation. He's trained guys like Andre Ware and body builders like Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy is intense and is putting me through tough workouts with no downtime."

The 5-foot-11, 184-pound receiver has put on 10-12 pounds of muscle this spring and his body fat is down to 7-8 percent.

"I'm definitely in the best shape of my life," Holland said. "Not only am I working with a trainer, but I've completely changed my diet. No more greasy burgers and fast food. I don't drink sodas either. I eat a lot of quality carbs, protein, and I drink a lot of water."

Holland's preparations don't stop there. He continues to work out with the track coach at the school, and works on his route running and pass catching with his high school teammates on the weekends.

"With my training and working with the track coach, I'm getting my 40 times down even with the added weight," Holland said. "My trainers are consistently clocking me in the 4.3's and I hit the 4.2's some too. They clocked me at 6.08 in the 60 last week."

In all, Holland estimates that he's putting in over 16 hours a week between training and catching balls and running routes at the high school.

With graduation less than a month away, Holland realizes that his high school days are almost behind him. However, he won't have much time to reflect as he plans to move to College Station for the summer.

"I graduate on May 26, and I plan to throw my things in the car and be in College Station on May 28," Holland said. "I think the coaches will give us a couple of days to get settled in, but then we start working out and getting ready for the season."

The Houston native discussed his expectations for his freshman year, and what the A&M coaches are expecting from him.

"The coaches told me to get ready to play and they don't want me to redshirt," Holland said. "They want me to show up ready to earn some playing time whether that's on special teams or in the offense. I'm just looking to go up there and compete, and we'll see what happens."

Holland is excited to join his new teammates, and feels his signing class will work hard to contribute to the programs success.

"Our class is already pretty close. We talk all the time," Holland said. "We're on the same page knowing that we all need to work hard to do our part for the team and contribute where we can."

Holland plans to room with Cy-Falls teammate Derrick Stephens, and offensive linemen Evan Eike and Daniel Baker.

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