Buckley "just likes to hit people"

Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp had a chance to visit with Palacios two-way star Aaron Buckley and his coach, Mike Treybig on Tuesday night. This hard-hitting linebacker, who also plays fullback for Palacios, recently committed to Texas A&M and could be an instant fan-favorite thanks to his hard-hitting approach.

After being named to Dave Campbell's list of the Top-100 juniors, Palacios two-way star Aaron Buckley might not have known what was fixing to happen. But his head coach, Mike Treybig, who has coached two NFL players during his career, had been through the recruiting process with highly rated prospects before.

"We started talking about this process over a year ago because when he went to some combines as a sophomore, he really did well," said Treybig. "After he made Dave Campbell's Top 100, I knew that put him on a lot of coaches' lists. I told him when he started getting 15-20 letters a week that it was just the beginning. I ended up having 42 schools request film."

But that recruiting process is over after Buckley committed to Texas A&M last week, and neither Treybig or Buckley see that changing.

"I told him before he committed that if he commits, his word is his bond and he's not going to change his mind," Treybig said. "I reiterated that to him on Monday and (A&M head football) Coach (Dennis) Franchione made it clear what a commitment meant to him and what it meant to Aaron. Aaron told me on Monday that as far as he's concerned there's no place in the world he'd rather play football than Texas A&M."

Since Buckley made his commitment, Treybig has called other college coaches who had set up appointments with him over the next two weeks and let them know that if they were coming to talk about Buckley, they might as well save their gas money "because Aaron isn't interested in any other place."

Buckley also said that there are no other planned visits in his future, except two trips back to Aggieland over the next couple of months.

The 6-foot-1, 225-pounder plays linebacker and fullback for Palacios but is being recruited primarily as a linebacker for the Aggies, which is fine with him.

"I personally like to play defense, but I could play offense too," Buckley said.

Treybig described Buckley as a tough-nosed player who plays with a reckless abandonment on both sides of the ball, which could make him a fan-favorite early on among the Aggie faithful.

"My dad was a football coach and he always said that aggressiveness is something that you can't teach as a coach," Treybig said. "They either have it or they don't. He definitely has it. It doesn't matter if he's playing fullback or linebacker, he just likes to hit people. On top of that, he's extremely strong and really quick."

That speed and aggressiveness are just a couple of the reasons why the Aggies set their sights on this small-town prospect early on. They knew they wanted him.

After his trip to College Station last week, Buckley knew what he wanted too.

"It's close to home, they've got great facilities, it's a really nice campus and the people there are great," he said. "It reminded me a little of Palacios and just felt like home. I had never been to CS until last Tuesday, but I'm an Aggie now."

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