Weekend Wishlist

There's a lot of post-season implications at stake this weekend. Aggie Websider's Lanny Hayes takes a look at who you should be cheering for this weekend to give A&M the best chance to earn a national seed.

The weekend primer returns for its' final foray in Big 12 play, and there's plenty to keep your eyes on this weekend. Seeding for the conference tournament is the name of the game, and every single slot is up for grabs.

Texas A&M is married to a finish between third and fifth place. Finishing third would require two results that are each unlikely to happen; A&M must sweep Texas, and there must be a sweep in the series between Missouri and Oklahoma State.

The most likely finish for the Aggies is fourth, and A&M holds a magic number of two for that slot over Nebraska. The fourth and fifth seeds are practically interchangeable, given that they're in the same bracket in the Big 12 tournament, but being the higher ordinal ranking certainly helps your cause for the postseason selection committee.

Elsewhere, it's a three man race for the Big 12 title. Texas' magic number to clinch is two over Missouri, and just one over Oklahoma State. Missouri and OSU will battle it out for (most likely) second place, while every other squad is fighting for the final three tournament slots.

The weekend primer looks at the best possible results for A&M, not predictions on what will actually happen.

Missouri at Oklahoma State – A&M will be watching this series closely, since there's some post-season implications involved. Given that A&M is likely to finish fourth in the conference, any bit of confusion that can be created by teams with similar conference records is a good thing. A&M should root for Missouri to sweep Oklahoma State, as this would keep OSU's RPI well out of contention to host in the postseason, and A&M's series victory over the Tigers looks better when they finish higher.

Kansas State at Baylor - Both teams are likely to end up in the Big 12 tournament, given the other match ups, but what really works best for A&M here? The Aggies will likely be bracketed with the eighth seeded team, and Kansas State's pitching staff proved to be superior to the Bears. Pull for KSU to take 2/3 and leave Baylor in the 8th seed – which is about the best match up that the Aggies can ask for in that spot.

Nebraska at Kansas – Simple here, as the Huskers' loss is the Aggies' gain. In the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" department, A&M needs Nebraska to stay out of the RPI top 25. Coastal Carolina is battling the Aggies for a Top 8 RPI slot, and CC receives additional bonus points when Nebraska is in the Top 25. The Huskers are the better team and should take this series 2/1, but pull for the Jayhawks to give A&M a nice assist.

Texas Tech at Oklahoma – Both teams had pleasant starts to the season, and both cratered down the stretch, but one of them will probably make the Big 12 tournament since someone has to win this series. Aggie fans should be pulling for Oklahoma, again, for a nice assist. Oklahoma would be an even better No. 8 seed for the Aggies than Baylor, as they have a great first game pitcher in Stephen Porlier. Day one action in the Big 12 tournament will have the top seed, most likely Texas, take on the No. 8 seed. Aggie fans could ask for no better than to have Porlier take on the Horns (or whoever wins the conference) in game one, and potentially steal a victory over the top seed. Pull for OU to do just enough to punch their ticket to Bricktown.

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