Gray narrows his choices

With more than 50 offers on the table, one of the top playmakers in Texas has narrowed down his favorite schools. Where do the Aggies fit into that mix? Aggie Websider's David Sandhop visits with Gray about just that.

One of the top playmakers left on the board for the class of 2008 in Texas is Desoto skill athlete Cyrus Gray. The 6-foot, 190-pound Texan dominated the field as a junior scoring 31 touchdowns and gaining over 1500 yards on the ground and catching 38 passes for 438 yards and two scores.

For the upcoming 2007 season, add throwing touchdowns to his diverse repertoire as Gray is preparing to help his team by taking the reins of the offense as the unit's signal caller.

"They needed me at quarterback this year. So that's what I'll do," Gray said. "I hope to use my speed and my moves to open up the offense, but I'm also working hard on my passing game."

The Dallas Metroplex native plans to improve on his passing skills next week when he attends the University of North Texas quarterback camp.

"I'm just looking to get better," Gray said. "If I can be effective with the passing game, then we'll have a spread offense that's tough to defend with my ability to run."

And it's his running ability that has many college coaches looking to sign the blue chipper. Offers continue to come in from all over the country, and from many of the national elite programs.

"I'm up to about 50 offers right now," Gray said. "It's flattering to know that so many coaches want me to come play for them."

But with the 2007 season fast approaching and needing to focus on a manageable number of schools to research and visit, Gray has officially narrowed down his list to 10 lucky schools.

"I don't have a leader or anything, but I have gotten down to a top 10 list," Gray said. "I'm still considering Texas A&M, Penn State, Cal, Oklahoma State, Louisville, Miami, Florida, SMU, Arizona, and Notre Dame."

With so many schools on his list, what will be the important factors for Gray when eventually choosing a school?

"I'm looking at education first. I want to major in health and I want to find a good school in that area," Gray said. "I'm looking at the prestige of the program, and also the fan support. Not so much that they fill up the stadium, but that they support the players and get behind you even if you lose, like a family."

Gray also mentioned he will look at the program's offensive schemes. He'd like to play in a spread offense where he can get the ball in space and play several positions on the field where he can run and catch the ball.

As far as summer plans, aside from the North Texas quarterback camp, Gray is planning to make his first trip to Stillwater to see the Oklahoma State campus and facilities.

"I'm going to OSU's camp on Thursday," Gray said. "I went to their mini-camp here (Dallas) and I've never been up there. I'm looking forward to it."

The blue chip running back still stays in touch with several former teammates playing at Texas A&M this year. In fact, Gray speaks to A&M signee Von Miller on a regular basis and Miller is taking the opportunity to provide his friend with some maroon advice.

"Von jokes around about it, but he's always telling me to come with him to A&M," Gray laughed. "I was supposed to go on a trip to Florida earlier, and he told me not to have too much fun there because I need to be an Aggie."

Gray says the comments are in good fun, and while he's seriously considering the Aggies and would like to play with his high school teammates and friends, he needs to figure out what is best for his future.

"A&M is a good school and it would be great to play with those guys if I decide it's the right situation," Gray said. "But I have to research my options and make the right choice. If that's A&M, then great, but I don't feel any pressure to go there."

Gray says he hopes to have his list narrowed down further by the end of summer, but at this point he's wide open and is not sure about his timetable just yet. Given Gray's playmaking ability, college coaches will be waiting patiently and will give the versatile speed athlete as much time as he needs.

He's that good.

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