Square discusses Miami trip

Houston Yates defensive end Damian Square recently checked out Miami during a summer camp. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop had a chance to visit with Square about the visit, where he stands in the recruiting process and what that means for the Aggies.

When Houston Yates HS defensive end and Texas A&M commit Damian Square re-opened his recruitment earlier this spring, many observers felt that Miami would be the new team to beat. Square's brother played for the Hurricanes, and as a result, the blue chip lineman is very familiar with the program having attended their summer camp last year.

Square returned to Miami earlier this month for his second week-long camp, which gave him an opportunity to see the new Hurricanes staff up close and personal.

"It was good. I was there last year, so I was familiar with everything," Square said. "My brother went there, so I go down there to their camp and it gives me a chance to mix in some leisure time as well. Some people look into that and think I'm going there. I might, but I'm looking at my options right now."

Square did come away from the camp impressed with the new staff.

"I like the new staff. They have some good young coaches that mean business," Square explained. "Last year, the staff kind of let you do what you wanted to do. This year, they were more on point and there was a lot more teaching in the drills. They'd get on to us and wouldn't let us slack off."

The Houston native likes what he sees from the new Hurricanes staff, and feels they will return to prominence in short order.

"They are trying to get that confidence and that swagger back that's been lost," Square said. "The coaches seem determined to get the program back on track competing for national championships."

While the 6-foot-5, 260-pound four-star prospect enjoyed his week-long stay in Miami, he made it clear that he's still a long way from picking a school in the recruiting process.

"The trip didn't change anything. I need to see some more places and look at the campuses," Square said. "I still need to do more research on each program, looking at their depth charts and how successful they are sending players to the next level."

In fact, Square declined to name a top list of schools at this point, as he says he's completely wide open at this stage of the process.

"I have no top schools right now," Square said. "My goal is to narrow it down to a top five before the season, and then maybe a top three at the end of the year and go from there."

After committing to Texas A&M in February and then backing off that pledge a couple of months later, where do the Aggies fit into Square's recruiting equation at this point?

"The Aggies are still up there. They were my first love and I may eventually end up there. Who knows," Square said. "I still talk to Coach Van Malone all the time. We just talk about life, not so much about recruiting. He never talks down other schools. He keeps it real. You have to show respect to your first love."

Square indicated that he'd like to make some unofficial visits to schools and start the research process this summer, but at this point he's not sure of his summer plans.

"I'd like to go see some schools and make some unofficial visits," Square said. "But I just don't know what we're doing right now. We've got to look at my schedule and look at the logistics of how to get there."

Square's highly-regarded high school teammate Leroy Chevalier was supposed to join Square on his trip to Miami, but the blue chip offensive tackle was unable to make the trip.

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