Football Preview Magazine Reviews - Part V

Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp takes a look at the 2007 Sporting News College Football Preview Magazine in the final part of this five-part series.

Where do I begin with this one? The projected fourth place finish for the Aggies in the Big 12 South? The poor writing? The less-than-stellar layout? The inconsistency throughout the magazine?

The Sporting News preview magazine is the worst of the five that I've reviewed this week in terms of quality and, in my opinion, accuracy. It projects the Aggies to finish fourth in the Big 12 South behind Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech with a 7-5 record that earns them a trip to the Texas Bowl in Fort Worth.

Granted, the Aggies have a brutal road schedule, but I have a hard time finding five losses for this team unless it suffers key injuries along the way.

Speaking of the Aggie schedule, it received no mention in the "toughest schedule" feature, yet Utah, with "tough road games against Oregon State, Louisville, TCU and BYU, and a home game against UCLA" earns the No. 5 toughest schedule nomination.

The A&M offensive line is left out of the top-10 rankings (Sporting News is the only magazine to do so), but the backfield is No. 4 in the country, which is on par with other magazines' rankings.

The Sporting News does give several high rankings to individuals, with Martellus Bennett receiving First Team All-American honors and earning the No. 1 spot for tight ends in the country. Mike Goodson (No. 9) and Cody Wallace (No. 8) made the top 10 list at their position as well.

The magazine also gives A&M the lowest overall ranking (No. 35) of any magazine as well. With as many playmakers on offense that they have recognized as being top-10 position players, it seems that the experts don't think too highly of the A&M defense, which made drastic improvements last year, and should be better in 2007.

The national "experts" have also done everything but send A&M coach Dennis Franchione a pink slip, popping off with "leave a forwarding address, Fran" in the blurb about A&M's nightmare schedule. With comments that Bill Byrne has made in recent weeks, I don't think Fran is on that hot of a seat unless the Aggies totally implode this year.

The feature on the team doesn't even deserve a breakdown like I've done for the other magazine reviews. There is very little information provided and it's more of a bulleted format with lots of names and a couple of stats. Analysis is at a minimum, so there's not much for me to comment on.

I'm all for objective analysis and don't have a problem with someone having a different opinion, but when five preview magazines are reviewed and one stands out as having the Aggies significantly lower in every category, there seems to be something else at play.

On a scale of one to 10, this magazine is somewhere around four as far as the analysis of A&M's season is concerned.

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