Yao no-showed, but Jordan still impressive

The much anticipated match up between DeAndre Jordan and Yao Ming didn't happen as Yao was a no-show, but Texas A&M's highly touted signee showed flashes of brilliance on Sunday night in his first game with team USA.

The much anticipated Yao Ming versus DeAndre Jordan matchup didn't materialize on Sunday as Yao was a no-show. As a result the USA controlled the game from start to finish and defeated the Chinese easily by 20+. Jordan did not see a ton of action, but he did finish the game with seven points.

Jordan's defensive game is much more advanced than his offensive game. There are a lot of players that are good shot blockers, but aren't particularly good defenders, but Jordan is very good at both. He knows about positioning and where he needs to be, he defended the pick and roll well, and he isn't afraid to mix it up inside. He spent most of his night guarding former Maverick Wang Zhi Zhi and did a nice job.

On the offensive end, Jordan had three field goals on the night. The first came on a nice put back after an offensive rebound. The second FG came when he took a pass on the baseline and took one step and threw down a monster dunk over a Chinese defender who was late rotating over. The dunk got a big roar from the crowd and it caused the scouts in attendance to turn to one another with big smiles on their faces. His last bucket came on a very nice reverse lay up in which he used the rim to shield off the defender. He did a pretty good job of posting up when he did try to post up, but he just didn't get fed the ball.

Jordan plays hard. In one series early in the fourth quarter he was working hard on the offensive glass and then the ball got knocked towards the sideline and he launched into the air after it. It was nice to see the big man not afraid to get on the floor. He actually cut himself in the series and had to go to the bench to be tended to. Once the trainer worked on him, he was fine but he didn't return to the game.

One thing the he does need to work on is his free throw shooting. He struggled in the pre-game warm ups from the line and then in the game he was 1-for-4 from the line. He has decent mechanics, it just wasn't falling for him. He also seemed to get winded easily. I imagine he hasn't been playing a lot with it being the offseason and probably isn't in game shape. I don't think his conditioning is anything to worry about, but it was noticeable tonight.

Overall Jordan has unlimited potential. With his height and athleticism he has a great foundation to work with. Like almost every 18-year-old big man, he has a lot of areas that need work. However, his size and athleticism alone will make him a threat next year from day one.

He will probably have an up and down freshman season with one night having a big game and then the next game struggling a little. But Turgeon and his staff will do a great job with him and he will benefit so much from a full season of development under this staff. I expect come March you will see a very different player than you will see in November.

The USA team will participate in the Global Games, which starts on Thursday, and don't be surprised if Team USA cruises to the gold.

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