'There's nothing like Kyle Field'

As an Aggie, you know how special a gameday is at Kyle Field, but it's not just for Aggies. Opposing players (even from Texas Tech) love playing in what they call a 'one of a kind' environment.

All of us have been to Kyle Field. We've seen march in, we've watched the band and we've all got our special memories in the historic stadium—on and off the field. But what's it like for opposing players to play in? At this week's Big 12 Media Days, I decided to find out from the players themselves.

In nearly every interview, I was amazed by players who almost seemed like they wished they could play for A&M and experience the gameday atmosphere at Kyle Field six times a year.

That atmosphere is wild. When we were warming up it was pretty neat and calm everybody was getting in there. When we came back out of the lockerroom that place was rocking. Everybody was there. It was sort of intimidating. It gives you chills sitting there watching everything. I think it's totally neat to play for them, because their fans were so die hard. - Joe Garcia, Texas Tech

I really enjoyed it. It was loud and the stadium is really on top of you. (There's nothing) like Kyle Field. - Terrence Nunn, Nebraska

Kyle Field. It's a one of a kind atmosphere there. You can't even hear yourself talk when you're on the field sometimes. - Joe Jon Finley, OU

Kyle Field is one of the hardest places to play. Great fans, great team, great coaches. It's really loud and gets crazy. Kyle Field is rough. It's one of the toughest places to play. They've got that 12th Man and it's true, it's a 12th Man. - Marcus Walker, OU

Even some of the players who had never played at Kyle Field, couldn't wait to experience it first hand.

I heard it's a pretty raucous place. I'm looking forward to it. You play in the Big 12 to play these games to play in these atmospheres. It's exciting to be a part of what they've got at Kyle Field. I'm looking forward to it. - Brandon McAnderson, Kansas

While everyone else had nothing but praise for their experience, and specifically about the fans, Baylor offensive lineman Jason Smith took the opportunity to take a shot and provide the Aggies with some bulletin board material for this year's contest between Baylor and A&M.

When our offense is on the field, you can't hear your heartbeat because it's so loud. It's a nice atmosphere but the people are real rude so we feed off that kind of stuff. It will be nice to go down there and silencing them up and then coming home. - Jason Smith, Baylor

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