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To help you follow Texas A&M's 2009 football recruiting, after many hours of research, here is the initial Websider.com 2009 Football Recruiting Board. This is where subscribers can get a summary of A&M's recruiting for 2009 all on one page. This board lists prospects, grouped and subjectively ranked by position, together with their current preferences and links to their profiles.

Websider.com's Football Recruiting Board 2009

Last Updated: November 17th, 2007

Here's the Websider.com Football Recruiting Board for 2009.

Important: This is NOT the official board for Texas A&M University. This board has been compiled by the staff at the Aggie Websider to give fans a general idea of the prospects Texas A&M may be pursuing.

The following chart lists each position, along with the number of players that we believe the Aggies will attempt to sign at that particular position. The percentages in parenthesis (to be added later) will be Team Websider's prediction of the chance that particular player will sign with Texas A&M on National Signing Day. Players listed in the "Commited to another school" category were intested in or being recruited by the Aggies, but chose another school.


We look for the Aggies to sign one quarterack in 2009. Stephen McGee will have graduated. The Aggie quarterback pipeline includes Jerrod Johnson, Brandon Williams , Ryan Tannehill, and Tommy Dorman. The 2009 quarterback class is outstanding, both in quality and depth. Early 2009 offers went out to Russell Shepard and Cody Green. Other top 2009 quarterback prospects include Garrett Gilbert, Jacob Karam, Casey Pachall, Christian Mathews, Shevodrick Beaver , John David Baker, A.J. Highsmith, Ryan Mossakowski , Broderick Thomas Jr. , Zerick Rollins, Colby Gray, and Todd Glaesmann.

- Russell Shepard   YES Cypress Ridge Tex, Fla, LSU, Ala, A&M, OhSt, Ark    
- Cody Green   YES Dayton A&M, Tex, LSU, OkSt, Pur, Bay, Hou    
- Garrett Gilbert   NO Austin Lake Travis Tex, Cal, A&M, TTech, Tenn    
- Jacob Karam   NO Friendswood LSU, Okla, Stan, Hou, Tex, A&M, Ga, Lou    
- Casey Pachall   NO Brownwood Tex, Okla, Fla, Ala, Neb    
- Christian Matthews   NO Arlington Bowie      
- Shevodrick Beaver   NO Wichita Falls Rider Tex, Ga, NTex, TroySt    
- John David Baker   NO San Angelo Lake View Tex, A&M, TTech, Bay, TCU    
- A.J. Highsmith   NO Fort Bend Hightower Mia, Tex, LSU, TCU    
- Ryan Mossakowski   NO Frisco Centennial      
- Broderick Thomas Jr.   NO Fort Bend Elkins LSU, Tex, A&M    
- Kolby Gray   NO Cypress Falls A&M, LSU, Okla, OkSt, ND, TTech    
- Richard Morrison   NO Royce City      
- Jacob Morris   NO Coppell      
- Todd Glaesmann   NO Waco Midway A&M, ...    
- Zerick Rollins   NO Aldine Nimitz OkSt, A&M, Tex, TTech, Bay    
- Brody Trahan   NO Dickinson      
- D.J. Smallwood   NO Lamar Consolidated      
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Running back is a position where the Aggies have always been able to recruit well. We look for the Aggies to sign 1 or 2 running backs in 2009. Jorvorskie Lane will have graduated. The Aggie running back pipeline includes Mike Goodson , Bradley Stephens , Derrick Hall , Latreal Cooper , Keondra Smith , Cornell Tarrant , and possibly Cyrus Gray. At this point, while there is quality at the top, 2009 does not appear to be a particulary deep class at running back. Early offers went out to Chris Whaley and Bryce Brown. Other top running back prospects appear to be David Oku, Christian Michael , Waymon James , Kalvan Guyton , Hasan Lipscomb , Rex Burkhead , Jonathan Miller , Monterell Washington , Lorenzo Greenwood , Jurell Thompson , and Tyler Tabor.

- Chris Whaley   YES Madisonville Tex, A&M, Okla, OkSt    
- Bryce Brown   YES Wichita East Okla, FlaSt, USC, KanSt, Fla, Neb, ND, Mich, Kan, A&M    
- David Oku   NO Oklahoma City Carl Albert (OK) Okla, A&M, OkSt, Aub, Tenn, TTech    
- Christian Michael   NO Beaumont Westbrook Tex, LSU, A&M, Okla, OkSt    
- Kalvin Guyton   NO Houston Lamar      
- Hasan Lipscomb   NO Cypress Ridge LSU, Okla, USC, Tex, A&M, Fla, Ark, OkSt    
- Jurell Thompson   NO Wichita Falls Rider Okla, Tex, LSU    
- Waymon James   NO Sherman Tex, Okla, Neb, Ark, OkSt    
- Monterell Washington   NO Bryan A&M, ...    
Video Available Rex Burkhead   NO Plano A&M, Okla, Tex, ND, Cal, Aub, TCU, NTex    
- Jonathan Miller   NO Garland Naaman Forest A&M, OkSt    
- Chris Walker   NO Cypress Woods Fla, LSU, A&M, Aub, OkSt    
- Markevious Franklin   NO Brenham      
- Trevon Lewis   NO Lufkin      
- Lorenzo Greenwood   NO Conroe Hou, LSU, Okla, OkSt, Tex, A&M, TTech    
- Tyler Tabor   NO Crockett Tex, A&M, Neb, USC, Fla, OhSt, Ark, Ariz    
- Alex Buckley   NO Palacios A&M, Kan,    
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We expect A&M to sign 2 or 3 wide receivers in 2009. Pierre Brown and Howard Morrow will have graduated. The Aggie receiver pipeline includes Jamie McCoy , E.J. Shankle , Cody Beyer , Terrence McCoy , Antonio Perry , Chris Caflisch , Sedrick Johnson , and possibly Jeff Fuller. The 2009 receiver class does not appear very deep but we expect other prospects will emerge. At this point the top receiver prospects include Emory Blake , A.J. Dugat , Uzoma Nwachukwu , Howard Brown , Terrell Williams , Brandal Jackson , Jaz Reynolds , Kevin Miller , James Scott , and Eric Ward.

- Emory Blake   NO Austin S. F. Austin USC, Tex, A&M    
- A.J. Dugat   NO Dayton A&M, Tex , Ark, Bay    
- Chayse Joubert   NO Arlington Grace Prep A&M, Fla    
- Eric Ward   NO Wichita Falls Rider      
- Uzoma Nwachukwu   NO Allen      
- Howard Brown   NO Huntsville UCLA, Okla, A&M, Tex, OkSt, Tenn, Rice    
- Terrell Williams   NO Keller Fossil Ridge      
- Brandal Jackson   NO Navasota      
- Jaz Reynolds   NO Aldine Eisenhower A&M, LSU, Tex, OkSt    
- Willie Jefferson   NO Beaumont Ozen Tex, LSU, Mia    
- Kevin Miller   NO Pearland      
- Josh Gordon   NO Houston Lamar FlaSt, IowaSt, Minn, TCU    
- James Scott   NO Coldspring      
- Victor Spikes   NO Beaumont Central      
- Jordan Selexman   NO Duncanville A&M, ...    
- James Johnson   NO Denton Ryan      
- Kris Lott   NO Plano      
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TIGHT END (0 or 1)

We expect that the Aggies may 1 tight end in 2009, depending upon development of potential tight ends currently in the pipeline. The Aggies signed three potential tight ends in 2007 - Frank Avery, Billy Chavis, and Harold Turnage. However, Chavis will likely be first tried on defense, and Turnage could outgrow the tight end position and end up on the offensive or defensive lines. The Aggies expect to sign two tight end prospects in 2008 - K.J. Williams and Blake Chavis. The top 2009 tight ends prospects at this stage appear to be Michael Brockers , Ryan Fitch , Drew Harrison , Trey Graham , Barrett Matthews , and Andre Taylor.

- Ryan Fitch   NO South Grand Prairie Okla, Tex, A&M, TCU, NTex    
- Drew Harrison   NO Waxahachie      
- James Phillips   NO Dallas South Oak Cliff      
- Barrett Matthews   NO Galena Park North Shore      
- Andre Taylor   NO Round Rock      
- Colby Goodwin   NO Cypress Fairbanks      
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On average a college team should sign 4 or 5 offensive linemen per year. After signing a total of 3 offensive linemen in 2006 and 2007, the Aggies were fac3ed with a critcal shortage of offensive linemen in the pipeline. The Aggies have taken a major step towards addressing this need with the expected signing of 6 offensive linemen in 2008, and we expect A&M to be looking to sign another 4 or 5 offensive linemen in 2009. The Aggies have already taken a major step towards this 2009 goal with the early commitments of Michael Brown and Bobby Janisch. Other early offers went out to Thomas Ashcraft, Clint Naron, and Mason Walters. Other top offensive line prospects include Joel Gray , Paden Kelley , Jeremy Roberts , Garrett Porter , Colton Duncan , and Brady Brown.

- Michael Brown   YES Lexington A&M verbal   A&M
- Bobby Janisch   YES Jersey Village A&M verbal   A&M
- Thomas Ashcraft   YES Cedar Hill A&M, Tex, Okla, USC, Fla    
- Mason Walters   YES Frenship TTech, A&M, Tex, Fla, USC, Mia, TTech    
- Clint Naron   YES Spring A&M, Tex    
- Paden Kelley   NO Austin Lake Travis Tex, Fla, ND, Mich, Ala    
- Joel Gray   NO Lewisville Hebron A&M, Tex, Okla, TTech, SMU    
- Jeremy Roberts   NO South Garland      
- Garrett Porter   NO Odessa Permian Tex, A&M, TTech, Fla, OkSt, Hou, Vir    
- Colton Duncan   NO McKinney North      
- Brady Brown   NO San Antonio O'Connor A&M, ...    
- Rhonte Scales   NO Killeen      
- Cade Shaw   NO Corpus Christi Calallen      
- Tobyn Large   NO Montgomery Tex, TTech, A&M, Okla, TCU, TexSt, Hou, Rice    
- Blake Reid   NO Rosenberg Terry A&M, ...    
- Matt Sheppard   NO Marshall A&M, ...    
- LaAdrian Waddle   NO Columbus      
- Andrew Ratliff   NO Llano      
- Micah Kemp   NO Ennis      
- Brock Wempa   NO Royce City Okla, OkSt, TTech, A&M    
- Hunter Hogan   NO Tyler Lee      
- Cory Taylor   NO Hutto      
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We expect the Aggies to sign 3 or 4 defensive linemen in 2009. Michael Bennett, Cyril Obiozor, and Chris Smith will have graduated. The current defensive line pipeline includes Kellen Heard , Lucas Patterson, Cody Williams, and Paul Freeney. The Aggies signed six high school defensive line prospects in 2007 – Von Miller , Ben Bass , Michael Ebbitt , Brandon Joiner, Billy Chavis and David Tufuga. While all except Tufuga are projected as defensive ends, several could play elsewhere. Miller could play linebacker, Bass could end up on the offensive line, Ebbitt could spin down to defensive tackle, Chavis could play linebacker or tight end. The Aggies expect to sign 4 or 5 high school defensive line prospects in 2008 from Roderick Davis , Tony Jerod , Adren Dorsey , Damian Square , and Kapron Lewis-Moore. As in previous years, 2009 appears to be deep in defnesive end prospects while defensive tackle prospect again appear scarce. Jamarcus McFarland. is widely considered the top Texas defensive line prospect in the class of 2009. Michael Brockers is a great athlete who could play defensive end, offersive tackle, or tight end. Both McFarland and Brockers received early offers from the Aggies. At this stage, other top defensive line prospects includeCarl Jones, Alex Okafor, Ther'he'is Warren, Randall Dent , Marvin Foster, Stephen Barrera, Joseph Okafor, Jonathan Johnson, Terry Ray, Ketrich Harmon, Cody Miller, Dantrayal Smith, Prestin Brown, and Simmon Blaylock.

- Jamarcus McFarland   YES Lufkin Tex, Fla, A&M, OkSt, LSU, Ark    
- Michael Brockers   NO Houston Chavez A&M, LSU, Tex, OkSt, Bay, KanSt, ArizSt, TCU    
- Carl Jones   NO Arlington Sam Houston A&M, ...    
- Alex Okafor   NO Pflugerville LSU, Fla, Tex, A&M, Mia, OkSt, Ga, GaTech    
- Randall Dent   NO South Grand Prairie Tex, Okla, LSU, USC    
- Ther'he'is Warren   NO Waller A&M, ...    
- Calvin Howell   NO San Antonio Warren A&M OkSt, Okla, LSU, Ark    
- Marvin Foster   NO North Crowley      
- Stephen Barrera   NO Clear Lake A&M, Tex, Navy, ND, Hou, Okla, OkSt, TTech    
- Joseph Okafor   NO Bellaire Tex, A&M, LSU, TTech    
- Terry Ray   NO Corpus Christi Miller A&M, TTech, Fla    
- Jonathan Johnson   NO Alief Hastings      
- Terry Ray   NO Corpus Christi Miller      
- Ketrich Harmon   NO Frankston      
- Cody Miller   NO Austin McCallum      
- Ivory Wade   NO Dickinson      
- Shane McCardell   NO Beaumont Westbrook A&M, ...    
- Dantrayal Smith   NO Pearland Tex, LSU, A&M, Neb, OkSt    
- Prestin Brown   NO Grand Prairie      
- Ricky Wagner   NO Klein Collins      
- Kevin Park   NO Austin Crockett      
- Simmon Blaylock   NO Tyler Lee      
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We expect the Aggies to sign 2 or 3 linebackers in 2009. The Aggie linebacker pipeline includes Matt Featherston , Anthony Lewis , Derrick Stephens, Charles Young , Kyle Mangan. Andrew Wolridge, and Aaron Buckley. At present the 2009 class does not appear deep at linebacker. The Aggies have offered one out-of-state linebacker, Manti Te'o from Hawaii, and Texas athlete Dexter Pratt. Some other top linebacker prospects include Kerry Hyder , Chris Williams , Eric Arterburn , Austin Moss , Tanner Brock , Tariq Allen , Trey Briggs , Ryan Grametbaur , Anthony Fera , and Alex Buckley.

- Manti Te'o   YES Honolulu Punahou (Hawaii) BYU, Cal, USC, ND, UCLA, Tenn, A&M, Utah    
- Dexter Pratt   YES Navasota Tex, A&M, OkSt, Miss    
- Tanner Brock   NO Copperas Cove      
- Kerry Hyder   NO Austin LBJ A&M, Tex, Mia, FSU    
- Chris Williams   NO Abilene TTech, Tex, Mia, OhSt, LSU, PSU    
- Eric Arterburn   NO Rockwall      
- Austin Moss   NO South Garland Tex, Okla, OkSt    
- Tariq Allen   NO Irving Macarthur      
  Trey Briggs   NO Jersey Village Tex, A&M    
- Ryan Grametbaur   NO New Braunfels A&M, TTech, Neb    
- Derek Johnson   NO Commerce      
- Anthony Fera   NO Houston St. Pius A&M, OhSt, PSU    
- Cade Hollandsworth   NO Big Spring      
- Chance McGrath   NO La Vernia      
- Thomas Curry   NO Pflugerville Connally      
- Brandon Mahoney   NO Keller Fossil Ridge      
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SAFETY (1 or 2)

We expect the Aggies to sign 1 or 2 safeties in 2009. The Aggie safety pipeline includes Chevar Bryson, Jordan Pugh, DeMaurier Thompson,and Garrick Williams, together with expected 2008 signees Keon Furtch and Markel Martin. The 2009 recruiting calls appears deep at the safety position. The Aggies received an early commitment from what may be the top safety prospect in the country in Craig Loston, but decommitted in October and opened things back up due to A&M coaching concerns. Other top safety prospects include Dwayne Buggs, Chris McAllister , Thomas Bates , Charlie Thomas , Broderick Jackson , Kevin Brent , Terrence Bullitt , Josh Peprah , Michael Williams , Daniel Cobb , Charles Ross , and Travis Martino.

Video Available Craig Loston   YES Aldine Eisenhower Fla, Mia, Okla, A&M, USC    
- Kevin Brent   NO Dallas South Oak Cliff      
- Dwayne Buggs   NO Houston Lamar Tex, A&M, TTech    
- Chris McAllister   NO Converse Judson      
- Charlie Thomas   NO Beaumont Central A&M, Tex, Okla, LSU, OkSt    
- Broderick Jackson   NO Kirbyville A&M, LSU, Tex, OkSt, Okla    
- Terrence Bullitt   NO Garland Naaman Forest A&M, OkSt, TCU, SMU, Hou, NTex    
- Josh Peprah   NO Plano East Okla, OkSt, Fla, Ala, Miss, MissSt    
- Daniel Cobb   NO Killeen Ellison      
- Thomas Bates   NO Baytown Lee Tex, LSU, Mia, A&M, Ga    
- Joe Bob Sprinkle   NO Fort Worth Paschal      
- Michael Williams   NO Flower Mound      
- Charles Ross   NO Schertz Clemons A&M, ...    
- Stephen Thompson   NO Houston Westside
A&M, ...    
- Travis Martino   NO Refugio      
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We expect the Aggies to attempt to find and sign 2 or 3 cornerbacks in 2009. The Aggie cornerback pipeline includes Jordan Peterson and Lionel Smith , together with expected 2008 signess Jordan Fields and Lamar Harris. Some of the top conrnerback prospects that have been identified include Eddie Foster , Thomas Ferguson , Ryan Young , Kenny Vaccaro , Deonte McDade , Alphonse Coleman , Oswald Njoku , Dion McKinley , Andre Green , and Kendrick Washington. Top cornerbacks are often not identified until after their junior years and during the Spring and Summer camps before their senior season, so we expect several more cornerback prospects to emerge.

- Marcus Davis   YES Clear Creek LSU, USC, Okla, Tex    
- Eddie Foster   NO Colleyville Heritage Tex, Mia, USC    
- Thomas Ferguson   NO South Grand Prairie      
- Ryan Young   NO Alba Golden A&M, ...    
- Kenny Vaccaro   NO Brownwood Tex, Okla, Mia, Hou    
- Deonte McDade   NO Ennis      
- Alphonse Coleman   NO Frisco      
- Dion McKinley   NO Leander      
- Oswald Njoku   NO Leander A&M, ...    
- DeKerrian Cooper   NO Tyler Chapel Hill      
- Andre Green   NO San Antonio Madison      
- Kendrick Washington   NO Brenham      
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KICKER / PUNTER (0 or 1)

By signing day 2009, Matt Szymanski may be the only scholarship kicker / punter. Unless non-scholarship kickers / punters can be found over the next year, the Aggies may use a 'ship to sign a top kicking prospect. Wew expect candidates to be identified between now and next summar's camps.

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STARS - the number of stars assigned to the prospect by Scout.com (1 to 5 stars). A five-star prospect is considered to be one of the nation's top 25-30 players, four star is a top 150-200 player, three-stars is a top 550 level player, two stars means the player is a mid-major prospect and one star means the player is not ranked.
VISIT - The date the prospect has visited or plans to visit Texas A&M.
Websider.com's current project of the odds of Texas A&M signing this prospect.
Video Available - There is Video of the prospect in the Websider.com prospect database.

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