Aggies saved by indoor--again

The indoor facility has been saving the Aggies' legs for the entire summer, but on Thursday, it saved them from lightening and heavy rains as well. Aggie Websider was there once again to get the latest from A&M head coach Dennis Franchione after the 12th practice of 2007.

Every day, Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione walks into the offensive line room in the Bright Complex to address the media after practice. And every day he comments on how much the indoor facility has helped this year's team.

But on Thursday, Franchione pointed out just how big of a difference he felt like it is making.

"Yesterday I had my notes from last year's practice and we hit the wall this day last year. We're not even close to the wall this year," Franchione said. "It's made a big difference on how our players feel."

In addition to saving the legs of the Aggies, it also protected them from the outer edges of tropical storm Erin, which made landfall on the Texas coast on Thursday.

College Station was hammered by the storm on Thursday morning and in years past, it could have cost Franchione an entire practice session, that due to NCAA rules, cannot be made up.

"With all the lightening and thunderstorms I don't know how we would have gotten through the morning practice," Franchione said. "We would have been in a full scramble today (because) we had to practice two today or lose one (practice). (Last year we would have had to decide) do we go to the rec center? Do we wait and see if it gets better? (The indoor facility) is priceless."

Thanks to the indoor facility, Franchione was able to hold two full practices and worked on game situations like overtime and two-point conversions in the morning session. The Aggies used the afternoon session in shorts and helmets to spend time teaching, reviewing and correcting mistakes.

The Aggies will return to practice on Friday morning and will hold two practice sessions on Saturday, the first of which is open to all participants of the Coach Fran Charities 5K Fun Run.

Coach Fran:
Matt Featherston:

Illnesses and minor injuries

Brandon Joiner won't be back for a few days with an illness and Kevin Matthews hurt his hand, so he'll be out for a few days. "We've been fortunate though," Franchione said.

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