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Last week, all three participating staffers--Dallas Shipp, David Sandhop and Chip Winfrey--came pretty close to nailing the final score against Montana State. This week, A&M soccer coach G. Guerrieri gives it a shot as well as our special guest.

Dallas Shipp (BigD03)
If you're hoping for a blowout this weekend against a weaker team from a mid-major conference, you're probably going to be disappointed. If you're putting money down on the Aggies, I think they'll cover--but barely. It will be a heck of a game for the first two quarters. Their are several exciting match ups to watch this weekend and the Aggies will be tested in several of areas that they struggled with in the season opener against Montana State (SEE: Big D's Keys to Success). In the end, Jorvorskie Lane will have a career day though against a D-line that is missing it's star at defensive tackle. Aggies make the score look a lot worse than it is with late scores and go home with another win, with one more tune-up before the big Thursday night showdown at Miami.

Texas A&M 34 - Fresno State 13

David Sandhop (Hop)
This isn't the same Fresno State offense that produced NFL QB's like David Carr, Billy Volek, and Trent Dilfer. FSU's returning starter Tom Brandstater has thrown for over 200 yards once (215 yards) in his 11-start collegiate career. The one pass catching threat is big tight end Bear Pascoe who reeled in a 27-yard TD last week against Sacramento. Otherwise the Bulldogs moved it on the ground, rolling up 266 yards on the ground last week.

The Fresno State defense gave up just 102 yards to Sacramento, but Mike Goodson and Jorvorskie Lane and the A&M offensive line are not Sacramento. The Aggies will be able to move the ball and score its share of points. The deciding match-up in this game is Fresno's offense versus the Aggie defense, and I don't think the Bulldogs have enough firepower through the air to keep up with the men of maroon.

It won't be a blowout, but the game won't be as close as some national pundits think.

Texas A&M 34 - Fresno State 17

Chip Winfrey, (AgE2theBONE)
Last Saturday, the Aggies were inconsistent on offense and gave up much more passsing yardage than they would have liked, but still pulled off a thirty-one point victory over a determined Montana State squad. This weekend the Ags will face a much tougher opponent in Fresno State, a squad that rolled up over 450 yards of offense last weekend while limiting their opponent, Sacramento State, to a mere 100 total yards.

The defense will have to be sharp, as Fresno State split their passing and rushing yardage almost evenly, and the offense won't have the luxury of misfiring on a few drives. Most teams show their biggest improvement between games one and two of the season, and the Ags will need to be improved on Saturday. This will be a tighter contest, but one in which the Ags' superior talent will prevail.

Texas A&M 31 - Fresno State 18

Lanny Hayes (AggieBomber2)
Okay kids, the scrimmage is over and now it's time for the real opponents. True, this isn't your older brother's Fresno State team, but they're still going to try to punch the Aggies in the mouth at Kyle Field this Saturday. The early going may be rough, as the offensive and defensive lines struggle to duplicate the aggression that brought them nine wins last year. Matt Szymanski's leg will turn those gaffes into points early on, and the rushing game finishes the Bulldogs off late. The final margin of victory is satisfying on paper, but Aggie fans will rush to their tailgates and computers wondering why it didn't feel so easy in person.

Texas A&M 37, Fresno State 17

G. Guerrieri, A&M women's soccer coach
The Aggies finally satisfy all of the critics out there and score every time they touch the ball. They'll even recover Fresno State fumbles on kickoffs and return them for touchdowns.

Texas A&M 126 - Fresno State 3

NOTE FROM AW STAFF - If that's the case, we're not sure how Fresno State gets the three points.

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