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Aggie Websider's crew takes a look at the Louisiana-Monroe and gives their best "expert" prediction. See who's leading the group through week two.

Dallas Shipp (BigD03)

Through the first two games of the season, Franchione has made a concerted effort to hold back some of the Aggies' offensive playbook, trying to keep things close to his chest before playing the likes of Miami and Big 12 Conference opponents. But with a fan base that's beginning to get frustrated with close games against inferior opponents, Franchione could open it up a little this weekend--just to keep the peace. But with another inferior opponent at Kyle Field this week, don't be surprised to see another dominating performance on the ground and a few short passes from McGee. The play book may stay pretty closed until Miami.

Whatever the case may be on offense, the Warhawks will try to run the ball with RB Calvin Dawson, who has rushed for 100-plus yards in seven straight games, and that should be a pretty good test for the Aggies. A&M will pass the final exam though, fairly easily.

Texas A&M 42 - Louisiana-Monroe 10

David Sandhop (Hop)

This is a classic trap game for the Aggies. They had a grueling, energy-draining three overtime game in the September heat last week, and they have a short turn-around next Thursday with Miami which will say a lot about this season. Sandwiched in the middle is little-known Louisiana-Monroe.

Well, if this was a predominant team of underclassmen I'd be worried, but with veterans across the board, the Aggies should be able to march over a pretty weak ULM defense and take care of business. The offense is pretty good and they have a good running back who will get his share of yards, but ultimately they won't keep up with A&M's option game. Also, expect a big game from Martellus Bennett. McGee will look for him more on Saturday.

Texas A&M 41 - Louisiana-Monroe 20

Chip Winfrey (AgE2theBONE)

The 2007 season is now well underway, and the Texas Aggies are off to a very disappointing 2-0 start--at least according to a contingent of vocal Aggie fans, and just about every media figure who's commented upon or written about the Aggies and their passing game "struggles." Stephen McGee grew clearly irritated during post-game questioning last week, and later chose to skip the team's weekly media luncheon, presumably to avoid any more "bullcrap" from those frustrated with the Ags' aerial woes.

Thus the stage is set very nicely for the Aggies to come out on Saturday evening and take out a huge amount of frustration on an opponent outmatched by the Aggies at every position. The Aggies will throw in this game, and they will throw for huge yardage. And the Aggie defense will finally put a whole game together, instead of playing just the first or second half. This one gets ugly quickly, and stays that way. McGee starts, Johnson finishes, Franks has a big day, and Sunday headlines read, "What's happened to Aggie rushing game?"

Texas A&M 51 - Louisiana-Monroe 7

Lanny Hayes (AggieBomber2)

After last week's down field passing debacle, expect one of two things to happen this week against Louisiana Monroe. Either 70% of the Aggies' plays will once again come on the ground, or an aerial assault will remind fans (and that school with the U on their helmet) that the Aggies can pass the ball when they really want to. Either way, the score should be about the same. A&M's rushing attack, when properly executed in the trenches, is unstoppable by just about anyone. ULM is susceptible to the pass, but the questions surrounding Stephen McGee's down field vision may lead to as many head-scratching incompletions as big plays. ULM scores a couple of cheap ones and keeps it tight at halftime, but the Aggies roll in the second half.

Texas A&M 48 - Louisiana-Monroe 17

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