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Miami publisher Mike Bakas visits with Aggie Websider premium subscribers about the upcoming game with the Hurricanes. What should Aggies be concerned about? What are Miami's keys to victory? What does he think about the Canes' chances of stopping Lane, Goodson and McGee on the ground? Read the full story to find out.

MikeBakas> hey guys, whats up

Mac1014> Howdy Mike

BigD03> Hey Mike. Welcome to Websider

MikeBakas> you have to excuse me, i'm trying to eat lunch and type at the same time and I'm not too terribly talented with it

AgE2theBONE> Howdy Mike

ATXAggie> How many fans are expected at the game, Mike?

TelemetryAg> Howdy Mike

12thManInKY> 10,0Howdy Mike

BigD03> Mike - btw... "Howdy" is the official greeting at TAMU, just an FYI...

Mac1014> What's the over all feeling in Miami, Mike?

MikeBakas> ATX: 55-60,000

BigD03> wouldn't that be a new record for the OB?

BigD03> (for a miami reg season game)

MikeBakas> mac: the overall feeling is a wait and see deal with Miami's new coaches -- especially on offense

BigD03> I think Miami is going through a few of the same "growing pains" that A&M has gone through, if I understand the situation correctly

BigD03> with the new staffs and all TelemetryAg> Could you talk about the hurricane D against the run, we hear they are salty, what is the real story. Can they stop Lane, Goodson adn McGee

MikeBakas> DTs were an area of concern going into the season -- not much in terms of difference makers, a little small, and not much depth. they started out OK but then OU gashed them and then injuries hurt them last week. T Gooden's move to MLB has worked out really well but the Canes are hurting on the interior of their DL so I think A&M should and will run with a decent amount of success

TelemetryAg> thanks

TelemetryAg> Is it really going to be Wright or is that just to draw Fran off

MikeBakas> but that is always the first priority at Miami -- stop the opposing running game first and everything else will line up

MikeBakas> it'll def be wright. Kirby threw for 17 yards against Oklahoma 12thManInKY> 10,0In terms of speed, compare the defense to 10,0previous defenses

TelemetryAg> That means that Kirby should be able to throw for 50 against us. jk

MikeBakas> speed, about the same. there's no dropoff there. UM's D-ends run like most linebackers, their linebackers run like safeties.

12thManInKY> 10,0Is a Depth a problem, has recruiting been 10,0the big problem with the U

TelemetryAg> How about the hurricanes strengths and weaknesses on special teams

AgE2theBONE> What's the Canes biggest offensive struggles right now?

MikeBakas> the best way to beat Miami this yr is to run right at them and i'd be shocked if thats not that A&M tries doing all night

AgE2theBONE> and answer all three of those at once, please. :)

TelemetryAg> hurry

MikeBakas> recruiting tailed off some under the old head coach. some of the guys on his staff werent big into it and now they're elsewhere.

AgE2theBONE> This best way to attack any speedy defense is to run straight ahead, and A&M has the power to do that. Looking forward to this

MikeBakas> biggest offensive struggle is at QB. they're loaded with quality running backs, O-Line is protecting, receivers can make plays if given a chance. the QB play has really hurt the last couple years.

MikeBakas> I think part of Kyls (a 5 star recruit coming out) problem is 4 OC/QB coaches in 5 years

BigD03> that's tough

BigD03> reminds me of Mark Farris

12thManInKY> 10,0Agree

AgE2theBONE> So the QB is a fifth-year senior? TelemetryAg> Everytime I read an interview with Shannon, he comes off very blunt and non-pc, does that gain or lose respect from his players? Is he well liked by the players?

AgE2theBONE> (I know nothing about Miami)

MikeBakas> yes

TelemetryAg> Personally I like it

AgE2theBONE> The players LOVE Shannon don't they?

BigD03> They asked the AD to hire him as their coach when Coker was fired, didn't they?

AgE2theBONE> Welcome MightyKyle

MikeBakas> tele: he's extremely well liked by his players. they like it. he's very tough on them but it's taking time since the old H.C. wasnt tough on them at all. Coach Coker was a good football coach but lacked the tough discipline that kids from the areas Miami recruits from really need

MightyKyle> Thanks

AgE2theBONE> There was a good article on Shannon and his relationship wtih the players in SI\

Mac1014> I hope your EMT's are good. Train wrecks(as in Jtrain) are brutal

Mac1014> :-)

12thManInKY> 10,0Will Sonny and Rico be at the game or 10,0Robin Willians and Nathan Lane for that matter?

TelemetryAg> Thanks

Mac1014> Miami may not be as good as they use to be, but they play with the same attitude. Tough to beat you guys there.

TelemetryAg> Tell us about the fans in the OB, we are used to causing issues with opposing offenses merely through noise, how are the cane fans.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Their confidence is probably shaky right 1,0now, wouldn't you say?

TelemetryAg> They dont throw batteries at players like texas tech fans do they

TelemetryAg> cuz i really hate those bastages

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Only from the west endzone

12thManInKY> 10,0Does Rain help or hurt your game?

Mac1014> Who on your defense is going to be in charge of covering Martellus Bennet

TelemetryAg> Interesting 12thMan, do we know the forescast

12thManInKY> 10,0Still 50% last I read

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Is it still 505?

AgE2theBONE> 1,0 50%

MikeBakas> The Orange Bowl is overrated. Over the last 4 years, the Canes have lost about half their games there against quality opponents.

MikeBakas> tele: the closed end of the stadium gets very loud.

Mac1014> so what about us regular opponents?

Mac1014> :-)

AgE2theBONE> 1,0You say Coker was a good coach--what 1,0happened to recruiting after Davis left?

MikeBakas> rain, I think, helps A&M because Miami has more team speed and A&M has a more physical running game scejas07 Member has chosen to keep email information 0,4private

Mac1014> as long as fran packs the long cleats(rc)

12thManInKY> 10,0Anyone know of a crop duster I can rent in 10,0Miami to cause it rain during the game/

AgE2theBONE> 1,0I thought only the CIA could do that

MikeBakas> sam linebacker Colin McCarthy handles tight ends

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Miami still a 3-4 ?

TelemetryAg> Any media exposure to this in Miami? Bennett switched his number from 13 to 85 for the 20th-ranked Aggies' 54-14 win over Louisiana-Monroe in honor of former Miami tight end Kevin Everett

Mac1014> youre both wrong..only the russians control the weather

MikeBakas> ag: attention to detail was lost when Butch left. some of the asst coaches got lazy with it.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0"the 20th ranked Aggies" Nice telemetry

MikeBakas> 4-3

MikeBakas> tele: none. that's the first i've heard of that

AgE2theBONE> 1,0When did they switch to 4-3?

TelemetryAg> I just pasted the quote from an article

AgE2theBONE> 1,0ah

TelemetryAg> 12 127/bc.fbc.t25.texasa.m.mia.ap/

TelemetryAg> Bennett is paying tribute to the player who hosted him on his recruiting trip to Miami.

TelemetryAg> Bennett is a good Ag

Mac1014> well.the cats outta the bag now

12thManInKY> 10,0GIG'EM Tellus

Mac1014> are your receivers talented?

MikeBakas> I think M. Bennett can have a big day. OU's Jermaine Gresham had 8 for 55 yards and a score against Miami. Funny, both of those opposing TEs were once committed to Miami.

Mac1014> r ur special team very good?

MikeBakas> ag: about 40 years ago :-)

MikeBakas> mac: yes but they've struggled because of struggling QB play and their weakness is making adjustments to the ball, making catches in traffic, creating separation. They're fast and athletic though.

Mac1014> crap

TelemetryAg> Mike, do you feel like the canes will primarily use the run on Thursday like the Ags?

MikeBakas> mac: special teams are average. 21.6 per KOR, 8.25 per PR, average punt is 36, 6-8 on field goals.

MikeBakas> tele: Yes

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Their KOR avg will drop against Szymanski. 1,0Almost always a touchback

Mac1014> Ok..gotta go to htown...thanks for coming on Mike. Good luck to your guys and better luck to ours. Can't wait for that plane trip down there tomorrow. This is going to be epic.....I can't believe I'm going to the OB in primetime!!Whooop!

MikeBakas> ag: yeah, shannon mentioned him specifically.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0cannon for a leg

BigD03> whats the deal with funky wind patterns in the OB?

AgE2theBONE> 1,0actually, Touchbacks won't hurt their avg, 1,0but you know what I mean

BigD03> Seemed like the kickers for the Hurricanes were all talking about it knocking down the hangtime in the open end of the stadium

12thManInKY> 10,0Actually he make the football cry when he 10,0kicks it

Mac1014 Quit (Web Browser closed)

MikeBakas> the canes don't have a devin hester or santana moss or phil buchanan returning kicks/punts. They've already benched their kickoff guy, punts are average. If A&M is strong on special teams, it could be a big advantage

MikeBakas> BigD: It usually does.

TelemetryAg> Tell me about the fans in the OB, good, bad, ugly?

TelemetryAg> Do the canes hate the longhorns too

GEA89 Quit (Web Browser closed)

BigD03> are there any areas that A&M fans should make sure they avoid?

MikeBakas> tele: depends where you're at. they're not too friendly to opposing fans in the west endzone. otherwise, it should be OK. They get rowdy, thats for sure. Remember, the city owns the stadium so beer is sold the entire game.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Last time Miami played t.u., it was a 1,0whuppin. cotton bowl 1990 season

BigD03> Mike - That's the best news I've had all day

BigD03> how much is beer?

12thManInKY> 10,0They should Mac Brown graduated from 10,0FSU

AgE2theBONE> 1,0I can't believe they sell beer at the stadium

AgE2theBONE> 1,0too cool

AgE2theBONE> 1,0jealous

MikeBakas> I dont drink it so I have no idea but prices are ridiculous at the stadium for anything

12thManInKY> 10,0Big D it's gonna be an expensive drunk for 10,0you young man

12thManInKY> 10,0What is your take on Coach Shannon only 10,03 games in to the season/

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Do you expect Miami to crowd the box to 1,0force us to pass from the get0go?

AgE2theBONE> 1,0get-go?

MikeBakas> ag: Yes, definitely.

BigD03> -what does he think the keys for Miami will be on offense against the Aggies (What players or type of plays)?-what will be the keys for Miami on defense against the Aggies? -do he think there is still a Miami mystique from the glory days, or are they on their way towards just being another team?

BigD03> (there are some questions from someone who is blocked from chat at work)

MikeBakas> they do that regardless of the opponent. force the other QB to beat them. the speed and athleticism of their secondary, the way the LBs run, and the way they create pressure makes that their comfortr zone

12thManInKY> 10,0Will Tony Montana be on the sidelines?

AgE2theBONE> 1,0That's what I would do if I was coaching 1,0against us.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0It's been the strategy against us for the 1,0last 20+ years now

MikeBakas> too early to tell on Shannon as head coach. he may fail, he may win championships. nobody can say right now. two things I do know: he's made things a lot tougher and more organized on the team and 2) he can recruit with anyone in America.

TelemetryAg> So what are the overall weknesses of the canes

TelemetryAg> Passing attack

TelemetryAg> D line

AgE2theBONE> 1,0I expect Shannon to have huge success at 1,0the U

MikeBakas> keys on offense will be solid QB play. establishing the running game is priority No. 1 but if the QB play is poor like it's been, the Canes will have a real hard time scoring points. they scored 2 touchdowns against FIU, remember that. On defense, it's shutting down the run and making the QB beat them. there is no mystique. They are trying to become a good football team again.

MikeBakas> weakness on O is the QB play, on D is the interior DL. It's not the entire D-Line. Both ends are monsters, especially 81 Campbell

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Once the guys hit each other a few times, 1,0stuff like Mystique is overrated anyway

12thManInKY> 10,0I don't care how many times you hit me, I 10,0am always over rated

MikeBakas> seriously, since 04 the Canes have only won about 60 percent of their Div 1A games at home. the Orange Bowl mystique -- it's terribly overrated.

BigD03> what do you think about moving to Dolphin Stadium?

HuttoAg96> well, Kyle Field mystique has been mysteriously AWOL as well

MikeBakas> great move for fan/family experience and best of all, recruiting purposes.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0I remember when teams like Miami and A&M 1,0did not lose home games. It just wasn't done. Not that A&M 1,0ever compared to Miami beyond that.

TelemetryAg> Are the fans viewing this as a make or break game?

12thManInKY> 10,0I would guess it is a no lose this early in 10,0Coach Shannon's career

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Why is a tiny little private school like Miami 1,0able to recruit so well. It's not just the history. Is it the 1,0location that makes it so attractive?


AgE2theBONE> 1,0I think few people appreciate how unusual 1,0it is for a school like Miami to be such a dominant Div ! program

MikeBakas> ag: location (our kids go to the beach in January on recruiting visits), history (5 national titles and more NFL players than anyone else), family atmosphere, and good coaches (and now, everyone, especially locally, loves Shannon)

MikeBakas> tele: No but a loss will really put the pressure on shannon. it's not just a loss, it's how they lose. Against OU, the offense was downright terrible and showed no signs of improvement over the last few years.

MikeBakas> 9,000 undergrads and 5 national titles in 20 years -- not too shabby

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Well, it was the recruiting that was 1,0responsible for those 5 MNC's, which had me wondering what 1,0Miami's drawing cards were. you answered well, though

AgE2theBONE> 1,0I'm sure the beach is tough to outsell

"It's not just a loss, it's how they lose" ---- sound familiar to anyone?

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Not too shabby at all. It's incredible, in fact

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Hopefully they'll understand Shannon can't 1,0fix in a couple of seasons what took several seasons to 1,0dismantle

AgE2theBONE> 1,0And it easily could have been 8 or 9 MNC's.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Penn State, Alabama, and Ohio St all pulled 1,0off upsets

MikeBakas> all the way back 2002 is when u could see things starting to come apart at miami. unfortunately, their talent advantage over their opponents enabled the current coaching staff to stay on board for another 4 seasons.

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Bingo

MikeBakas> anyway guys, its been fun. enjoy the game!

AgE2theBONE> 1,0Thanks

AgE2theBONE> 1,0good luck

Thanks for coming over Mike.

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