Websider Fearless Predicitions - Miami

Through three weeks of the season, it's been pretty easy. Everyone is 3-0 and the point spread is about the same. But now it's time for some football. How will the Aggie Websider "experts" fare this week for the Miami game?

Dallas Shipp (BigD03)
Did the Aggie pass offense play possum through the first two weeks of the season? It sure looked like it against ULM in week three. But Miami is no ULM. These boys are fast, and McGee and Co. will have an opportunity to show people that they're for real.

I think the Aggies will use just enough of the passing game to keep the Hurricanes honest. It will be tied at halftime (or close to it) but in the second half, the defense will be exhausted from a heavy dose of Jorvorskie Lane up the middle and chasing Goodson to the outside. Aggies score two touchdowns in the fourth to make it look a lot worse than it really was.
Texas A&M 34 - Miami 13

David Sandhop (Hop)
I have a calmness inside about this game. I just think that for all the "issues" that we've discussed about the Aggies, they are simply the better team. Miami can't score on the Florida Internationals of college football, and their new defensive-minded coach can't decide on his offensive leader. That's never a good thing. The only way A&M loses this game is with turnovers or special teams mistakes, and this team has been pretty good protecting the ball the last couple of years.

And while logic says this will be a low-scoring game, I have the feeling points will be scored on both sides. Not only will you get a game prediction here, but I'm making my call on the game winner. Ags are leading in the closing moments up 27-20 with Miami driving for the tying score, when Chris Harrington comes from the backside and strips the ball from Kyle Wright. Kellen "Big Head" Heard recovers the fumble to clinch it against his former teammates. At least that is how it played out in my dreams last night, and I'm sticking to it. See you in Miami!
Texas A&M 27 - Miami 20

Chip Winfrey (AgE2theBONE)
The Aggies have gone into this kind of situation many times before, going back well into the Slocum days, and have so often found a way to screw it up. Despite their championship history, this Miami team is one A&M should beat every time they play them.

After stretching their passing-game muscles last Saturday, the Aggies finally looked like the dual threat offense they were most of last season, and even though passing yardage will be harder to come by on Thursday night, McGee and Co. will make the 'Canes pay for crowding the box in an effort to stop the juggernaut that is A&M's rushing tandem of McGee, Goodson, and Lane. The Aggies will surprise much of their own fanbase in this one. Fran gets another signature road victory.
Texas A&M 30 - Miami 15

Lanny Hayes (AggieBomber2)
There really isn't a lot to be said about this contest that hasn't already been hashed out. The questions are obvious, and the implications are significant. This is about as close to a dream matchup versus the Hurricanes as the Ags could ask for. Miami is in the midst of rebuilding with significant questions on the offensive side of the ball, while A&M fields its best team of the last ten seasons. Throw in a national television audience against a very high profile opponent, and A&M can make a large leap forward in perception against one of Miami's worst squads in recent memory. While that sounds like a recipe for success, it also makes the implications of a loss more significant. While the Texas win last year was Franchione's first statement victory, he needs to prove that it wasn't a fluke - and that these Aggies just might be for real. Tonight he gets his win, but fingernails everywhere suffer in the process.
Texas A&M 27, Miami 24

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