Websider Wednesday Interview

Defensive lineman Paul Freeney was one of the top-rated linemen in the state coming out of high school. After two years at A&M, he's finally beginning to make a name for himself. Aggie Websider's Dallas Shipp sat down with Freeney to talk about his rise up the depth chart and what he thinks the Aggies are capable of in 2007.

What other schools did you consider and what sold you on A&M?
It was between A&M and Oklahoma and when I came to the Night of Champions, I knew it was the spot I wanted to be because of the family atmosphere. I knew I wanted to be an Aggie.

What was it about the Night of Champions event?
Everybody interacted with each other. The coaches really cared about the players, and I knew that I would have a good degree and be part of the Aggie Network.

Hurdles of adjusting to the college game?
It's a big adjustment in terms of the speed and changing the plays week to week and getting all the plays down pat.

How much of the plays change from week to week?
It all depends on the team. If there's a team that runs a lot or has a lot of passes we might switch up the whole scheme. If we face a pretty straight forward team we pretty much keep everything the same.

What areas of your game have improved this offseason to get you more playing time?
I am just a smarter player and understand the offense we're going against and understanding our defense more. I got in the weight room and got stronger and quicker but most of it was just being a smarter player.

What areas of your game are you focusing on now to improve?
Being more physical. You can never be too physical.

How would you rate the performance of the defensive line on a scale of 1-10?
I'd give it about an 8 so far and each week we're getting better.

What are some things you need to improve as a line? We need to be more consistent towards the end of the game. I'm not saying we haven't but I think we can be more consistent.

What are your thoughts about all the off the field issues this week and the press conference on Tuesday?
Coach Fran said he's made some mistakes, but we can't judge. We made a commitment to him and he made a commitment to us and we can't forget that.

What's the attitude going into the game this weekend against OSU?
We're fired up

Are you surprised that the A&M/OSU game is for first place and Texas/OU is for last place in the division this week?
I'm not surprised. It's college football and things like that can happen. There's no sure things.

How far can this team go in 2007?
It depends on our attitude going into the end of the season. If we keep the same attitude we have now in the end of the season, we're going to the top.

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